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Goodgame Empire is a management strategy MMO focused around castles and war, it can be played on a browser and has a quick signup. Players are the rulers of their own castle and have to manage resources, raise some buildings and an army to take over the world while completing quests, challenges, defeat AI enemies and players.

- Build and upgrade your castle
- Build more buildings to gain extra features and boosts
- Level up by earning XP
- Gather your army to battle against foes
- Get rewards by completing challenges and quests
- Siege other castles and protect your own
- Play it for free on your browser

Resource Gathering
Building Materials – basic resources you will use to build or upgrade your buildings and castle, it's gained by refining and processing the raw materials found around your castle.

Populous – population is needed for every single features so you want to make room for all of them and keep them happy and fed so they can grant you their coins.

Coins – you usually spend it on recruits for your army.

Food – your soldiers will also require food once they have joined your.

Building construction
You build your castle and peripheral buildings on a gridded plot of land, each of them has different sizes that fit into the grid, if you meet the requirements and have the materials, you can drop the building on a free spot on the grid.

All buildings grant boosts or add new features so pick wisely and don't forget to defend your castle, since buildings take time to raise you may want to consider that as well.

Levelling up
You gain XP by completing quests, tasks and challenges offered by some NPCs, when reaching new levels, new features will be unlocked. As you complete quests the main storyline will move on and you will uncover new npcs and land.

You will find quests and foes on the map, they will unveil as you level up and explore the map, but you're the one who will eventually decide what to do, you may have enemies around but you want to finish that building to complete that. There are some NPC outside your view range and map that will grant you quests and challenges on a daily basis so you get an extra something all the time.

Premium Currency
Being a free to play game they keep a fairly open model by allowing players do what they want without spending real money in the game. There is the possibility to perform even better by using rubies though, the premium currency, which basically allows you to speed up building and army production and as the constructions and soldiers get to higher tiers more rubies will be required to speed it up.

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