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Operation X F2P


Free-to-play MMO RPG


Web browsers, Android and iOS mobile devices.


Playata GmbH


This cross platform free to play strategy based RPG invites us to become secret agents who work for the European Council Special Branch completing dangerous missions, killing criminals and taking down their organizations. Players can enjoy a wide variety of PvP and PvE contents as they work to become the best spies in the world, climbing positions in the rankings, and equipping themselves with all kinds of weapons and gadgets. The game can be played from your favorite browser or any Android or iOS device.


Complete exciting missions
Customize your character attributes and appearance
Challenge other players in PvP duels or fight against AI controlled enemies
Strategic gameplay
Completely free-to-play


In Operation X our main objective is to improve our spy completing missions, gaining levels, and acquiring powerful equipment pieces. Operation X is a casual game where activities take a while to complete, so players have manage their time in the game and their resources efficiently, even when they are offline/AFK.


Players can fully customize the appearance of their characters, being able to choose between a variety of hairstyles, faces, or physical details. You can also buy a huge variety of item, from clothing to accessories and gadgets, and give them to our spy, improving its appearance and its attributes. Many items come in different rarities, offering increased boosts to a player's skills far beyond the standard available gear.


The attributes of the spies are defined by four primary skills:

Fitness - Determines the amount of hit points of your character.
Initiative - Determines the speed at which a character that makes their attacks.
Intelligence - Determines the spy's accuracy when it comes to inflict critical damage.
Instincts - Determines the ability of dodging enemy attacks

These skills allow you to customize your spy combat style, whether defensive, with good health and elusive skills, or more offensive, with more speed attack and good chances to do critical damage. You can also find a more balanced form with few weaknesses, put equally no major strengths.

Each time a player levels up they gain five skill points with which to increase their four attributes. Players are also able to increase their skills through gear or by purchasing skill points using the in game cash currency.


As secret agents, players will be sent throughout Europe to catch criminals and dismantle criminal organizations; with the various missions available are wider story arcs for players to unlock as they progress through their missions. Normally when we choose a mission, this will be completed automatically once the player has waited a certain number of minutes or hours, but while they are completing missions they are unable to perform other activities. Some missions require players to defeat an enemy in combat, meaning players must continue to upgrade their skills and gear to remain competitive against the rising difficulties of the missions.


Players will see a similar combat format when competing against other players for PVP ranking, spending Courage each time they have a fight means that they can only fight a certain number of times before they are exhausted, though Courage refreshes over time or can be instantly refreshed by spending premium currency credits. When choosing to fight players can select their opponent from a list of available candidates around a similar rank, combat is completely automated and based around a player's skills and gear, players can check out their opponent in full before choosing to fight them. If successful in a duel players gain coins and Honor, which will increase their PVP ranking, likewise they will lose it if they are defeated in battle.


Internet browser

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