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Tribal wars 2 F2P

Tribal Wars 2 is a free management game with RTS elements to it during battles. Players start off as leaders of a small clan which lives in a village, the game is set in a medieval world where politics and armies are everywhere, they must defend their people, grow in power and eventually expand their territory, politics is an important part where they can forge alliances with other players and fight together common foes.

- Complex PvP skirmishes
- RTS battles and Castle management
- Live map with fresh information
- High quality graphics
- Free to play on the browser or mobile devices
- 18 languages supported

Players will find themselves into the usual building mechanics this type of game features, they need resources to build and expand their plot, buildings are upgradable and depending on the upgrades of their castle and buildings they will be able to manufacture different items and hire different units for their army.

There is also a technology tree to follow if you want to move on and create really powerful units and buildings, there are 17 types of buildings and 26 technologies to develop. With all that the end goal is to become one of the most powerful villages in the empire.

Players have to gather a large army to conquer other lands and expand their territory and also to defend themselves from other players who want to take their lands. Doing so will grant resources to the winning part. The combat itself happens in real time and there are 13 types of military unites to use with their unique attributes.

Part of the politics side is the main social feature of the game, and forming alliances or sign pacts with your neighbours will allow you to ensure you have support during rough times since you can send troops to each other at any time.

Since players can run the game on several platforms and they all play in the same world, the wide array of players is a great deal in this game, and due to the type of game it is it plays great on mobile devices as well, checking how everything is going from time to time is easier than ever now.

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