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Little Cave Hero sports the pixelated style of classic adventure and role-playing games, but with gameplay that resembles social-style treasure hunting games. And when you throw in a unique puzzle element and a snarky, self-referential sense of humor, you end up with a game that's as funny as it is fun.

You play as the titular diminutive hero who is tasked with fixing up a once bustling village. And since there's nothing left of the village, you've got a lot of work ahead of you. In order to earn the money and many of the supplies you'll need you have to venture off into the caves to explore and get some treasures. Exploring caves works in some ways like what you'll find in a more traditional treasure hunting game on Facebook. That means that each cave is divided into squares and you'll need to click on them to explore. But the goal isn't necessarily to search every nook and cranny of the cave. Your initial goal is to find the quickest way to your goal, which is usually a treasure chest.

You'll need to deal with different types of debris, many of which require different tools to clear away, as well as obstacles like falling boulders, flying arrows, and giant slugs. Once you reach your destination you'll be given a score and a reward depending on your performance, and then you can go back and re-explore, finding all of the goodies you missed the first time around.

The money you earn exploring can then be invested into building up the new town. Each type of building has a purpose, whether it's a farm that produces population-increasing food or a factory that can make a pickaxe to help you explore further. You can, of course, visit your friends' towns as well and clean up debris to earn a bonus.

The game art evokes much of what has pixel art such an enduring visual style. Each of the character sprites looks unique and distinct and even the music feels old-school, with victory tunes that makes you feel as though you're in an old fashioned arcade.

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