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Imperial Hero 2 F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Hero RPG
PLATFORM AVAILABILITY: Web Browser ,Android devices and Facebook Game
DEVELOPED BY: Imperia Online


A free to play title that can be accessed through your web browser, Imperial Hero 2 lets players walk in the armoured boots of a fledgling hero looking to make their way in the world fighting for coin and renown. Starting life in a humble village tasked with hunting down wild animals or defending the province from pillaging bandits, they will soon embark on a greater adventure of fantasy and magic as they explore the wider world.


- Build up your Hero
- Recruit Mercenary companions to fight alongside you
- Earn new gear and make your character stronger
- Specialize as a Ranger or Warrior
- Quest based content
- Fight alongside guildmates
- Completely free
- Browser based game


The primary gameplay of Imperial Hero 2 focuses on levelling up your chosen Hero to make them as strong as possible, fighting through PVE content to acquire gear, gold and experience in order to increase their level, access new features and head into different areas with story progression that gives access to new quests. Levelling up the Hero and equipping them with new gear will work towards making them stronger, but players will also need to recruit Mercenary companions to fight alongside them, adding extra strength to the fights but also making up for any shortcomings of their own Hero characters. End game content typically revolves around more challenging raid like dungeons and PVP, either individual player duels to earn rewards and ranks, or fighting as part of a guild to earn guild rankings.

The game has some traditional Asian inspired monetization themes such as allowing players to pay for Diamonds which lets them shortcut various waiting times, or purchase Diamond only items; there is a secondary benefit as players also increase their VIP tier the more Diamonds they have purchased which also gives extra added perks to the player.


Leveling your Hero is one of the most important features as it not only makes you stronger but also unlocks new systems such as crafting, class choice, trade and access to the world map, which in itself will restrict players based off their strength with some areas far too dangerous to go to until they have grown stronger.

With completing quests comes XP and in turn levels, levels first and foremost give players attribute points and skill points to spend; Attributes are the basic stats that make up a Hero's core strength such as Vitality increasing health, Dexterity their chance to hit an enemy that goes up against Agility which is the chance to dodge, etc. Players can independently increase their attribute point to focus the character's strengths (and subsequent weaknesses) as they wish.

Similarly with Skill points they get to increase six base skills, improving the rank to increase the effectiveness of these abilities, with more skills added as players choose their class at level 15; either Ranger (ranged combatant) or Warrior (melee combatant).


Equally as important to survive a battle is finding new Mercenaries to recruit into your party, and equipping both them and your own hero with gear. When jumping into a battle players are able to rearrange the formation of their heroes to determine who is on the front or backline, which will determine who enemy opponents focus on in a fight. Managing Mercenaries abilities works to a similar extent as managing your own hero, but to a more simpler degree, primarily they will fill the voids and weaknesses of your own class to ensure you are not too vulnerable in battle.

Gear plays an equally important role for surviving the battle, characters have various gear slots including head, chest, belt, boots, gloves, rings, necklace and of course weapons. These can be filled with various items of different levels and qualities that will improve the character and their attributes, as well as giving a number of unique boosts and qualities. Gear is typically earned through questing as loot drops, but can be picked up from vendors, and when unlocked players also have the opportunity to use the crafting system to enhance their equipment loadouts.


Internet Browser

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