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Strife is a MOBA that boasts some of the classic features of the genre, and modifies other key mechanics to differentiate himself from other MOBA titles and for offer new gaming experience. The game will be available on multiple platforms, is completely Free-to-Play with premium currency options.


20 completely different characters
Unique Karma system that rewards good behavior and sportsmanship
Unique game mechanics
Exciting 3 lane battlegrounds
Action-packed combats
Fantastic theme
Pets that fight at your side
Free-to-Play game


The core of Strife is similar to other traditional MOBAs, since it uses the classic map with three lanes, defended with towers and patrolled with waves of minions, whereby the players will fight to get reach enemy territory and destroy their base. When the players are fighting they'll get experience and level up (up to level 15), increasing their attributes, and becoming more powerful. At the beginning of each game the heroes will return to level 1.


Although heroes do not have specific roles, they can be classified by their main attributes, which makes each hero best in one role or another. The five categories are Survivability, Ability Damage, Attack Damage, Crowd Control and Support, and there are 20 different heroes who possess different attributes and skills that make them excel in different roles.

Minerva - This character is focused on harm their enemies, both physical and magically, depending on her build she can be an assassin, a hybrid tank, or a scout. You have skills as Cyber Store, which makes a lot of damage when she is behind an enemy

Bo - This character is very balanced, since it has a lot of Survivability, Ability Damage and Crowd Control. This hero can be customized to be a pure tank, or a brutal attacker that is able to do much damage at the expense of having few defenses.


Players can get pets and take them to fight at his side in the arena. Every pet has different active and passive skills, so they are much more than an assistant. Bounder is a goat that allows players to move faster, and gives players the ability to sprint for short periods of time. Another pet is Lustre, a pet that helps players to get additional gold, with attacks focused on damaging minions and NPCs as well as an attack that if a player misses a Killing Blow that would normally give them gold Lustre gets it for them.


On the map there are secondary objectives, the bosses Cindara and Baldir, two neutral monsters found in the center of the map. If players manage to kill Baldir they will gain a lot of experience and gold, and if they kill Cindara, players can take control of Kritos a massive Sentinel that advances through the map to the enemy base causing a lot of destruction on its path.


After each match players can reward or punish the other players to ensure they behave, and to reward positive attitudes. Each player has a reputation score visible by the rest of the community, which is used for viewing the friendly or unpleasant that it is each player.

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