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Paragon F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play MOBA


A 5 v 5 free to play MOBA with third person perspective gameplay, Paragon is a classic MOBA with many features players will find familiar but with a slight twist. The game has a single map with three lanes and players can choose from numerous ranged or melee characters that fall into different roles such as assassin, tank, support and others.


- Thirteen characters to play with
- New heroes added every three weeks
- Three lane map with towers and minions
- Jungles feature camps and harvesters
- Collect cards, build a deck, equip them in battle
- Fast PVP
- Free to play


The core focus of the game is for players to push the three main lanes, allowing their waves of NPC minions to make their way down the lane fighting each other, with heroes trying to take out the enemy minions. In doing so players can push towards towers that automatically attack enemies with high amounts of damage, each lane has two enemy and two allied towers in a lane so both teams are constantly trying to perform the same objectives. Players must push their waves into the enemy base so that they can attack the enemy core, a structure with hit points that if destroyed will give them a victory for the match.

With the third person perspective comes a third person level design for the map, offering lots of verticality in battles where players are able to take physical high ground, which whilst offering no immediate bonuses, means that ranged characters in particular can keep away from enemy melee fighters.


Each hero has five abilities that are unlocked and upgraded throughout the course of a battle as players gain XP and level up; every hero's abilities are unique to them and defined by their role; support, tank, assassin, ranger and they can fulfil various activities in game such as keeping their allies healed, dealing damage on enemy heroes, or focusing on jungling to fight camps in the jungle area. An example of some heroes are:

Howitzer – A ranged bunny/cat type creature in a huge mech suit that is able to use cannons to deal ranged damage, slow grenades to harass enemies, or launch up into the air with his “Make it Rain” ultimate that showers an area in missiles.

Kallari – A melee ninja assassin she is able to enter the shadow plane and become invisible to players other than a whisper they can hear from her when she is nearby, using a ranged dagger that deals a damage over time bleed or her “Death Sentence” ultimate where she dashes forward to deal huge amount of damage to any enemies in her path


Throughout the game players will pick up amber orbs that convert into Card XP, these allow players to build up Card Points so that you can add items and passive boosts to your kit during the battle. Players will collect cards from completing games that they can use to build up their own deck, then during the battle they spend card points (each card has its own cost) to place up to 6 cards in their card slots; players are able to dismiss an already selected card to free up the slot and replace it with another, therefore allowing them to upgrade their deck as the game goes on.


The jungle areas lie between the three main lanes, these areas have some key distinct features:

Camps – NPC camps that if killed give players an orb drop that they must pick up, though it can be picked up by anyone and not just the player/team that killed the camp; the colour of the orb indicates the buff that the player gets and everyone is able to see the orb next to that hero. Buffs can be mana regen, attack speed or damage, as well as camps that grant normal and Card XP. A powerful Prime camp allows the players who kill it to transport an orb in order to activate a powerful Prime Card that will help the team.

Harvesters – When activated players can farm Card XP to their team, giving them a chance to quickly upgrade their cards, though when activated it takes time to build up CXP and players must actively return to the harvester to empty it; unless the enemy team come and destroy it and take the CXP for themselves


Operating System: Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10
Processor: Core i5 2.5Ghz
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: Radeon HD 7870 or NVidia GTX 6606

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