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Bounty Bay Online F2P

Bounty Bay Online (BBO) is a f2p mmo rpg where every player plays the role of a character during the time of exploration and pirates a few centuries ago. You can choose what type of character you want to play, be it simple farmer, skilled craftsman, smart merchant, driven explorer or ruthless pirate. Seabattles of epic proportions, sunken treasures, conquering towns and discovering long forgotten locations are only a few of the things waiting for you in Bounty Bay Online.


The ships in Bounty Bay Online are similar to the real ships from the 14th to 16th century. The fabulous level 12 Caravels are only available to all high level experienced sea dogs in the six cities in North and South America. The following ships are sorted according to character class:

- Caribbean Pirate: Multi-Mast Ghost Ship
- Armed Businessman: Heavy Multi-Mast Trade Ship
- Royal Military Officer: Royal Multi-Mast Armor Ship
- Imperial Guardian: Guardian Multi-Mast Vessel
- Treasure Hunter: Heavy Multi-Mast Minelayer

All ships differ visually and are set apart by characteristics such as loading capacity, maneuverability, crew size, or amount of cannons.


The choice of class has no influence on the character’s appearance but every class can obtain an individual and very impressive armor set which awaits you as booty in high-level instances or after winning an Imperial Battle (PvP tournament).

Imperial Guardian
The Imperial Guardian is also a high-ranking member of the army. On land they know how to handle sabers, axes, and swords. At sea, this class receives special grappling hook abilities.

Royal Military Officer
The Royal Military Officer is a high-ranking member of the military who is especially talented with rifles and swords. Alongside their strengths in land battle they are also rather deft with cannons in sea battles.

Caribbean Pirate
The Caribbean Pirate’s true passion is plundering and pillaging which means they gladly launch themselves into melee battles preferably with a saber or axe in hand. In battle at sea short-range cannon fighting is at their disposal. They can also put the fear of god into other captains with their skills for ramming and boarding ships.

Armed Businessman
As a safety conscious Merchant, the strengths of the Armed Businessman lie in defense. This businessman also proves very helpful at sea with their aptitude for ship repair and improvements as well as healing shipmates. On land their talents also lie in healing but also support in group battles. However, if attacked, they know how to handle a pistol.

Treasure Hunter
The Treasure Hunter’s aim is to discover every corner of the world and to return with a hold full of booty. The Treasure Hunter’s battle strengths lie in long-distance cannon warfare. This adventurer is talented at sea mines and special ramming abilities. In battle on dry land they prove to be good marksmen using pistols and can provide valuable support in group battle.


Players can face each other in various battle modes thanks to a new competition system. Whether it’s a nail biting one-on-one or an enthralling group encounter in 2 vs 2 or 5 vs 5 mode, brave fighters can see how they match up to other players on land and at sea. You can choose between one-on-one or group as the battle type; and between land or sea arenas as your competition venue.

Trigger-happy players from the entire sailing world are invited to the Asian ambience of the land battle arena and the deceptively picturesque cove of the sea battle arena to compete against their rivals.


Basically a skill can be raised by training or using the skill. Because Bounty Bay Online has a dynamic level system, you won't get new skill points or higher skills automatically if you reach a new level, you have to train each skill separately if you want the skill to increase. Furthermore every character class possesses its own skill tree. Using talent points players can expand on their special skills in the three areas of land combat, sea combat, and production (crafting).

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