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The game offers players a variety of innovative and engaging features as in character and sprite customization,an incredible menagerie of mounts, player-versus-player (PvP) combat, a branching class system, sprite crafting, team-based battlefields, challenging dungeons, epic region and world bosses, a player statue feature, in-game bulletin boards, auction houses, a player romance system, robust guild management and communication tools.


An arcane caster with powerful spells.

Healer and support with a righteous smiting ability.

Casts dark magic and summons the undead to assist their battles.

Shapeshifters that can adapt three animal forms to their will: Bird, Wolf, and Gorilla.

A dual-wielding class, capable of extreme sneakiness.

The ultimate ranged character.

Versatile melee character.

Heavy damage melee character.


- Explore the magical world of Saphael; Level up your character as you progress through the various quests in each region. Gather some friends and attempt to conquer some of the challenging instanced dungeons.

- Customizable Sprite Companion; Create your very own sprite to travel with you. This companion can harvest raw materials for you and even craft weapons and armor!
- Player Mounts; Famous heroes don't walk; they ride in style. Choose from numerous mounts, each with unique requirements so players of all types can gain them.
- Auction House; Located in the major cities, Auction Houses serve as a central hub for item sales. Sellers post items for sale and don't have to be tied down while doing so. Buyers have a central place to look and don't need to scour player merchant stalls.
- Branching Class Trees; begin your adventure as a Novice and quickly gain the option of branching into 1 of 4 classes. Select specialization classes at level 5, 15, and 30 to ultimately choose from a total of 8 character classes.
- Exciting PvP Combat; Participate in 1 on 1 duels or test your might in the 15 vs. 15 Battlefield.
- Guild System; Manage your guild with customizable ranks, special quests, and even guild skills as your group of allies grows in size and prestige.


Sprites are little creatures that gather materials, craft items, and keep players company. Your Sprite is both your best friend and bitter enemy. Your Sprite is the key to getting rare, powerful equipment and it also can give you bonuses during a battle. You will want to choose a sprite that compliments your class. It is recommended to pick the Armor Crafting Sprite for your class as your main Sprite. It can produce 5 items: Leggings, Gloves, Boots, Chest and Helm. A weapon Sprite will possibly produce 3 items: 1 handed weapon, 2 handed weapon or maybe even a weapon for a different class.


Will grant you the capability to use Special items. Some of things rep points are needed to buy include: Mounts, Sprite Items, Raw Materials and Books. The History tab shows what you have completed, what is available, and the amount of reputation you will gain for completing those objectives.

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