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Conquer Online is free to play action MMORPG available in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish. The game landscape is a two dimensional rendition of mythical China with three dimensional characters. The game has a straightforward combat-focused play style, incorporating common elements of many mmo games such as wealth, fame and character development. Downloading and playing Conquer Online is free, with funds provided by the sale of ‘tq points', which can be redeemed in the game and used as a form of currency.


This allows players to get a higher level player, called a Mentor, to help them with Battle Power, thus making the player stronger. When the Apprentice levels on their own, the Mentor can “claim” an additional portion of exp that the Apprentice gains during their online activity. This is another way of encouraging high level characters to help beginners, and for beginners to get a head start on their adventure.


The game system in Conquer Online has been designed to encourage higher leveled characters to assist beginners in starting out. The high level characters are rewarded for this assistance by gaining a form of currency called ‘virtue points' – or VPs – which can be exchanged for items from an NPC.

The amount of virtue points gained shows how many the player has according to the level of the beginner — a higher level gives more VP, since it takes more time to achieve the next level. While players may receive experience points by being power-leveled, they do not receive any skills or weapon proficiency.


It has a free market system which allows players to buy and sell items in market stalls. The meteor and Dragonball prices often change rapidly due to their essential role in the game.

The rare dragonball item may be exchanged for a currency known as ‘Conquer Points' with one Dragonball equating to 215 points. Players may use these points to purchase premium and exclusive items from the ‘item mall' or from other players. The item mall within the game only accepts ‘Conquer Points' as currency, and it offers the rarest game items in an unlimited quantity, bounded only by the amount of points a player has.

The latest installment to the games economy is one for those who mainly purchase dragonballs via the website. This is the “Offline TG(Training Ground)”. Players can access this special area after purchasing “Gods blessing” from players or the “Item Mall”.


As soon as you achieve level 100, the Star Tower decreases physical and magical damage your character receives from anything that attacks you, except for city guards. As soon as you achieve level 100, the Heaven Fan increases the damage you do to anything you attack, except for city guards.


This system assigns each player a number which is calculated from various factors. The level of the character, how many times they have done the “rebirth” process and the general overall quality of their gear all relate to this score.

Battle Power gives many advantages to the player holding it. One advantage is that the damage received from attacking players is reduced and attacks against players with lower potency will inflict full damage. Another advantage is an increased gain in experience points from mobs that provide it.

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