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In ancient Chinese legend, Heaven and Earth were initially one single entity, and the universe was nothing but chaos. Then the mythical Pan Gu, the world’s first living being, separated the Heaven and Earth from the disorder. After Pan Gu died, his spirit and flesh traveled through Heaven and Earth. Gradually, his flesh turned into substances in nature while his spirit turned into Qi (energy) and wherever it scattered, would form living beings known as “Jie”. The most common form of Jie was Mortal Jie, otherwise known as Human. The essence of Qi then ascended into the heavens and gradually formed Immortal Jie. The last remaining Qi formed the Abyssal Jie beneath the Earth.


Fluid Combo Attacks
Blade Wars offers a system of attacking any opponent with incredible attack sequences. Continually hitting an enemy will generate long combo strings which add extra damage on the 7th, 15th, 22nd, and 33rd hits. Generating longer combo attacks adds more damage as the combo continues. Up to four separate attack combos can be customized, and their scope is limited only by the adventurer’s imagination.

Zither Hero
Purchasing the Music Skill from Zither Terrace allows an adventurer to play beautiful and graceful music for other adventurers to hear. Adventurers can choose whether to use a musical guide for a certain piece or can play a custom musical number. The tone of the musical instrument can be changed instantly from a wide range of thematic instruments. The musician earns experience points for playing songs for other users.

Blade Wars contains a strong underlying background steeped in ancient Chinese legends, from the Yan Emperor to Xing Tian, the Headless Giant,. Beginning in the diversity of Spring County, the plethora of adventures and tasks available serve to expose the rich culture behind the Blade Wars saga.

Tremendous Guild Battles
Groups of adventurers can form guilds, allowing for greater adventures. Continual cooperation between guild members increases the prosperity and standing of their guild, allowing the guilds to evolve into larger and more powerful entities. As a guild grows, it will gain enemies who envy its power. Once a guild declares war on a different guild, huge battles can occur between them, with the outcome affecting the guild structure itself. Powerful guilds can become infamous through too many losses, while small guilds can rise up with continued victories.

Thematic Environments
Each major town has its very own theme, and surrounding each major town are wild areas that mimic the town’s prosperity. The wild areas share similar traits to each other, allowing for a smooth progression from luscious green land to desolate wastelands.

Weapon Creation
Pieces of long discarded weapons dropped throughout the world over the eons allow adventurers to collect and create their own special weapons. Once a weapon handle and a matching headpiece are collected, travel to a Weapon Forger in any major town and pay him 10,000 Coins to create a new weapon. The new weapon will contain the combined benefits of the individual pieces, allowing flexibility in choosing which items to forge.

Playing Nicely with Others
Team up with friends and take on the evil denizens of the realm. Extra experience and coins may be earned by playing with other adventurers through Mentoring, teaming with friends, and teaming with guild members to complete quests.

Arena challenges
Arena challenges allow you to show off your skills to become the ultimate warrior. Once you become a champion, you then have to defend your position. People within your level range must challenge your clone to attempt to become the new champion. If your clone loses you will have to fight the challenger personally. The rewards for maintaining championship are experience, coins, and challenge points. The longer championship is maintained, the more experience is gained.

A Beautiful World
A bright palette gives Blade Wars a vibrant feel. A combination of 2D and 3D graphical elements viewed from an isometric perspective immerses players within the world with dizzyingly spectacular quality. Snow, rain, lightning, swooping birds, and highly detailed environments create a universe that is defined by beauty.

Comprehensive in-game user manual
A huge amount of information can be found without having to leave the game at all. Intelligently included is a list of quests in range of your level without forcing you to scroll through a list to find a specific one. The guide covers almost everything possible – shortcuts, guild help, monsters to kill, and more.

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