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Desert Operations F2P

Desert Operations is a free to play strategy Browser game where you fight as the Ruler of a small country against thousand other players or make allies with them through clever diplomacy. Raise your influence on the world politics by creating alliances or even making war declarations. Found alliances, so you and your allies can fight against your enemies. Trade with your allies and spy on your enemies.


There are different types of buildings: Producing buildings, Action buildings and Military buildings. Manufacturing building bring you Raw materials. They can be captured in an attack or lost. Action buildings represent the different actions available, such as the start of an attack, or manage your bank account. The Military building you need to be able to produce these units.

All buildings cost money and time is extended for each building type. That is if you already have 10 skyscrapers take the 11th will take slightly longer than the 10th.Just As the costs climb for the buildings with the amount as well.


The bank is the building where you save your income. With transferring the income on your bank account you earn Interest. This is very useful, because the more money you have in the bank, the more money you get as interest. The interest will get calculated and paid daily. The interest is based upon the Commerce.You have access to the savings on your bank account you can deposit or make a payout at any time. The Interest is depending on the amount of Gold and Oil which is circulating in the commerce of the previous day.

Units array

There are four types of units: Ground, Air, Water and Defense.

Benefits: Cheap production, shorter production time, no oil consumption (except Navy Seals) and suitable for deception maneuvers.
Disadvantages: Bad Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis/Fixkosten, weak attack and defense value, if attacked by many weopons and can not defend themselves.

Armored vehicles
Advantages: Increased attack and defensive, average deployment times, balanced Value for money and stable fixed costs.
Disadvantages: Diesel consumption and attacked from the air.

Air units
Advantages: Low deployment time and high penetration.
Disadvantages: Average fixed cost and fuel consumption

Water units
Advantages: Huge punch and average fixed costs
Disadvantages: Expensive in research and purchasing, increased deployment time and diesel consumption

Advantages: No fixed costs and very strong.
Disadvantages: Protectable static, thus not from espionage and research expenditure is greater


In the Premium menu you can buy Diamonds and for example exchange them for better weather. To buy Diamonds, you have to “Go buy diamonds.” There you will choose first from the payment options and then the Group. The entry of the Diamonds is immediately in your account after the payment is received.

- Unlock the General
- Productions will conclude immediately (Diamond = 1 for every 30 min)
- Exchange Commodities
- Change The weather
- Change your Name
- Buy Special Weapons

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