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Dragon Pals is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMORPG in which players will journey through a vibrant world full of stirring quests, wicked monsters, and intriguing events. With a charming graphic style as well as an simple gameplay with increasing complexity, this multi-faceted, adventure-based game combines multiple game genres and various manners of gameplay to create a uniquely styled MMORPG.

- thrilling events
- intricate dragon pet panel
- farming feature
- no download required
- completely free-to-play
- 3 classes with unique skills and abilities to choose from
- combination of popular features with new mechanics
- multitude of multiplayer instances & treacherous dungeons

Warriors wield powerful attacks while being able to withstand great damage.

Mages use magic to outwit their foes.

Archers are tactical warriors preferring to annihilate their enemies from afar.

Sealed away from the world, dragons are the most powerful ally players are able to acquire and await them to unlock their powers. Each dragon has its own set of unique skills; and depending on your class some dragons may be more useful than others.

Dragon orbs may also be used to increase the dragon's power. The more successful a dragon's training, the better their base stats will be. While raising their dragon, players will be able to control which attributes they want to strengthen to best suit their battle needs. Dragons can also be morphed, allowing you to directly influence the appearance of your dragon while significantly increasing its battle rating.

Exercising is a key factor when it comes to gaining offline experience whether or not you are actually online.You can even gain bonus offline experience if you are strong enough to occupy one of the spaces in a room. Players who decide to remain online while exercising receive a 30% increase in the amount of experience gained.
Every ten minutes of continuous exercise will result in a blessing star containing extra experience and once the maximum number of stars has been reached, the player has to collect them in order to continue receiving stars.

Takes place in the arena where players may challenge others to a duel up to 15 times per day. By challenging and defeating an opponent of a higher rank, players will then occupy that rank while the defeated person will descend in rank. You can gain amethysts and dragon souls for competing in the arena and the higher your rank, the better your reward will be.

On their farm, players will grow crops that yield EXP and amethysts. They will start with three empty plots, each capable of growing one plant at a time. When levelling up their farm, new plots will be unlocked until a maximum of 12 plots is reached.

Friends can help each other out through prayer, weeding and bug control and are able to accelerate the growth time. They can even be turned into servants for a limited period of time by challenging and defeating them in battle. While someone is your servant, you will gain a 10% profit from whatever they harvest from their own farm. You can also pray to the Harvest Goddess to increase her blessing power. As she grows in power, she will offer you chances to be blessed.

The Demon Tower actually consists of two different towers to climb: Warrior's Tower and Hero's Tower. Each contains 100 levels but the Hero's Tower can only be accessed once the Warrior's Tower has been completed first.
Each time they restart the tower, they will be sent back to the first level. The magic coins that can be obtained for competing in the Demon Tower can be used to buy unique equipment and items.

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