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Empire Universe 3 F2P

Empire universe 3 is a full touristic strategy game that runs on a browser in which players can play as different alien races, they must settle on their own planet, build up cities, gather an army, and eventually conquer the rest of the universe. They must use diplomacy to arrange these with allies and play with the global market to takes some profit out of it.

- Several races with unique traits
- Research tree
- Gather your forces to defend your planets or attack
- Use diplomacy and trade
- Harvest resources to build and refine
- Completely free

The whole game is built around the resources players must harvest them refine them and build cities, troops and conquer new planets. They can also be used to trade them for more useful resources in the market. By using research they can improve their buildings and manufacturing capabilities which will lead them to have a thriving civilisation and be respected and feared by others.

Once they have a decent resources income, they must focus on building and conquering new planets to expand their territory, the buildings grant players a wide array of new features, for instance, the Communications Centre, allowing you to contact other civilisations throughout the galaxy . It takes time to build the buildings and players must choose which one wants to build first depending on these features.

There is a global ladder were all players show up, so other players can take who is around their levels which is also a competitive feature of the game that makes players try harder to enhance their civilisation scenes they will climb up the ladder.

Humans: they are a very flexible and balanced race so they have no bonuses and no penalties.
Ozoids: they stand out in navigation and Battle, steal there are not very devoted to trade, construction, research and economy.
Mosorians: they are pretty good at navigation although trading is not their best skill, along with Battle and construction.
Zuups: being a very proactive race they have improved in construction and Battle leaving aside economy, navigation and research skills.
Plentropians: they are good at construction and trading but they lack a lot of or their skills such as Battle, navigation, economy and research.
Magumians: being a warring nation they stand out in Battle and research still down which when it comes to economy, trading, navigation and construction.
Weganians: probably the best warrior or surround they excel in Battle while there are lack of social skills makes them week in economy, training and navigation.
Cyborgs: since they are half machines they are the best in a research and navigation but they are weak compared to others in other fields such as economy, Battle, trading and economy.
Jamozoids: smartest race in the game they are pretty good that economy and research, still they have some floss at trading, navigation and construction.

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