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Flyff F2P

Flyff (Fly for Fun) is a free to play roleplay mmo with colorful graphics that obviously focuses on characters flying around. To further bolster the community, there are more forums about the game now covering everything from Guilds and PVP to bragging about Player Rankings.

Main features

- A tight-knit community with high levels of interactions from Flyff’s staff members.

- Exciting ground and air based battles.

- A party system, unique to Flyff, that awards its members with distinct group based benefits.

- A multitude of job classes for many different playing styles.

- A multitude of abilities, weapons, and flying vehicles.

- Weekly Guild Siege, pitting the best of the best against each other.

- Customizable Action Interface that allows the binding of multiple actions/attacks, etc. to just a single key.

- A Premium Shop that hosts a variety of items to enhance your gaming experience.

- Highly customizable user avatars.

- Free market economy for users to host and create their own private shops.

Minimum requirements

CPU: Pentium-III 600MHz
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
DirectX: 9.0c
HDD: 2.0 GB
Graphics Card: At least 64 MB
RAM: 256MB


Each class has a different skill set and two different 2nd job choices at level 60. Listed below are the 4 first classes and their 2nd class options:

Mercenaries are the main melee class, the warriors of Flyff. They can specialize into a defensive Knight who uses a sword and shield or into an offensive Blade who wields two weapons at the same time.

Magicians are the spell casters of Flyff. They have low HP but deal heavy damage. Magicians can specialize into Elementalists or Psykeepers.

Acrobats are the ranged specialists of Flyff. They can be specialized in the use of either yo-yos (Jester) or the bow (Ranger.)

As the name suggests, Assists support other players with buffs but also have powerful area of effect (AoE) spells. They can specialize into Bill Poster, a hybrid class that uses melee knuckle weapons or Ringmasters who are possess the most powerful buffs.

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