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Fortuna is a free browser multiplayer RTS, set in Europe in the Renaissance era. One of the key features of the game is a deep combat system and a several options when it comes to develop their settlement, gathering armies and lead them into battle. Players can also form alliances and get involved into warfare.

- A world full of conflict and intrigue
- 3 noble families as factions
- Deep city management and development
- Player alliances, trade and diplomacy
- Powerful generals to recruit
- Complex combat system offering flexibility
- No download is required
- Free-to-play

Medici gain political power in Florence over time. The Italian Renaissance comes thanks to their sponsorship of several artists and scientists including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo.

A German family of bankers and merchants, they hold monopoly on copper, silver and mercury mining. They also lend money to high-profile individuals within political world.

The Welsh Tudor house dominate England, reaching Ireland and even France. They specialize in amassing a mighty navy and separate themselves from the Roman Catholic Church.

There are four resources in the game: stone, timber, food, and iron. While stone, timber and iron are used for constructing and upgrading buildings, food is used for units.

The game has 26 different types of buildings, like a Farm, Storehouse, Barracks, Academy, Apothecary, Protestant church, Embassy, Training hall.

Military units can be classified as melee (Militia, Pikemen, Swordmen and Slayers) and ranged (Archers, Musketeers, Crossbowmen, Javelineers) infantry, melee (Scouts, Outriders, Knights and Cavaliers) and ranged (Musket, Javelin, Longbow, Crossbow) cavalry, and siege weapons, each party made of several units.

It defines the city level, players can raise it by constructing or upgrading buildings in the city or its satellites. If the city is invaded by the enemy, prosperity will take a temporary hit that will recover itself over time.

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