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Galaxy Online is a mmorts Sci-fi game set in the vast expanses of the universe, where players must piece together a galactic empire one planet at a time. Start out in your own sheltered solar system dubbed ‘home’ and build up your resources until you’re ready to send forces to the rest of the universe. Gameplay involves building up the infrastructure of each colony by constructing factories, refineries, depots and other resource extracting buildings. While the game does provide several default warship template, players are free to mix and match modules up and create their unique vessels. Combat is turn based and is generally decided by the strength and number of the opposing fleets.

Highlighted features

Warships and fleets
Warships are the most important part of the game. They are not simply machines of war, but a means of transportation, leadership and protection. With various warships, you can found fleets with different functions such as carry goods, colonize unclaimed planets, attack and defend. The design of fleets and warships is in your control.

Free Development Space
In the game, you can lead thousands of fellow players attempting to conquer the universe. You can do business or even act as a common worker to exploit resources diligently and offer supplies to your faction.

Funny gameplay
Once you have a perfect plan, you won’t need to spend much time in developing your planets. When you deploy your resources, you may even activate the Planet Trusteeship service and the server will help develop your planets even when you are offline. If you do not have much time to play the game, you can spend a few Mall Points to ensure you have a full game experience, even if your time online is limited. So just make a plan to develop your planets and you will become strong in time.

There are six factions available for players in the game. Each faction is allowed to attack hostile factions at will. In addition, there is one computer controlled factionm, the Galactic Pirates, which adds a random element to the intense faction competition. You may lead your allies to attack hostile factions, or you may even got attacked by several hostile factions at the same time. Whatever the situation, the perfect faction design will give birth to never before seen intensity in an online game.

Strategy controls
As a strategic game, Galaxy Online attaches importance to players’ strategy and tactics but not controls. Early when you begin to develop your first planet, you should consider carefully what should be done first, as well as every action you may take in the future. How should you gather resources the fastest? How can you develop a galaxy quickly? How can you form a strong fleet? Above all, you need careful planning and consideration. If you study the game deeply, you become an expert Galaxy Online gamer.


By the 28th Century , with earth stripped bare of its precious natural resources, humanity has been forced to adapt to a new and harsh environment. Reaching further and further into the dark recesses of the universe in seek of desperately needed materials, man has finally released himself from the confines of Earth and settled in far away galaxies, as the course of human history fatefully shows, times of expansion are always superseded by times of war. Fighting for the rich resources available in distant galaxies, the powerful Federation of Eir, Kadry Group, Rofilla Consortium, Maya Clan, Rayman Empire… have become embroiled in bitter battles for supremacy and control over the universe.

At the same time, the legend of a mythical location where man’s most needed and desired treasures abound has emerged. It is said that at the center of the universe, vast treasures exist, their possessor would be able to conquer the universe totally and completely. In their greed, the various factions have stimulated their war and production machines to one aim – to find this treasure and finally take control of their destiny. Meanwhile, renegade groups of interplanetary pirates have arisen, also driven by the desire to secure prosperity and wealth for themselves and generations to come.

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