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Global Strike is a free-to-play browser MMOFPS in which players have to fight in exciting team based PvP battles in various game modes and maps. The game allows us to customize our characters with a great selection of firearms and accessories. The game is completely free to play and once players have registered their account through the official website they can play directly in their Internet browser and do not have to download any plug-in or game client.


- Fast, action packed PVP gameplay
- Multiple game modes
- Multiple maps to explore and dominate
- Customize the gear and weapons of your character
- Browser based game
- Completely free-to-play


Global Strike is a PvP team based MMOFPS where players will be able to play games, earn XP to level up and increase their rank as well as gaining the in game Crystal currency that can be used to purchase a variety of different weapons and gear.


The game features many different modes, and each game mode has maps created specifically for them:

Deathmatch - In this mode each player will fight for his own skin, every other player is a potential enemy that must be killed before they are able to kill you; players rack up their kills and the first player to reach the required score is the victor.

Team Deathmatch - In this mode players have to work together their teams and use tactics and strategy to dominate the other team. The first team who reach 80 kills win the match

Mutants – In this exciting game mode makes some players are randomly mutated into genetically modified creatures armed only with their claws, and their mission is to hunt and infect the human team. The mutants have the ability to jump at the great heights, leaping over walls and up to high ledges and buildings as well as collecting power ups to give them special skills such as faster movement and shields

Bomb Disposal - In this mode teams have opposite goals, the first team have to plant a bomb in two specific locations, while the second team has to protect these zones and defuse the bombs before they explode. Another way to win this mode is killing all opposing team members.


In the game there are several different maps, with many shapes and sizes, from the small map Ice Fortress, where we will fight really intense battles, or the Nuclear Base map, which is comprised with dozens of rooms and corridors where players can hide themselves and ambush their enemies. The more experienced players become the game the more they will learn the ins and outs of these maps and the location of the best vantage points to try and dominate their opponents.


Players can customise their characters primarily through their choice of gear, able to equip melee and ranged weapons, sidearm, grenades and more to best suit their own preferred play style. There is a huge range of weapons to pick up, everything from Automatic weapons, sniper rifles, axes, shotguns, each with their own improved stats so that players can balance range, damage and accuracy.

Weapons are purchased using various Crystals available in the game and can be used to unlock weapons for a few days and hire them or some are available as permanent fixtures. The different coloured crystals available corresponds to different types of weapons, White Crystals earned through normal gameplay unlock the Silver Arsenal for basic weapons, whereas Blue Crystals unlock the Elite Arsenal and Yellow Crystals unlock the Golden Arsenal; these crystals are earned by logging in daily or topping up your account using real-world cash and give access to more superior weapons and items.

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