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GAME STYLE: Free to play Fantasy RPG Strategy


A fantasy RPG that can be played through your web browser, God Wars is a team building strategy where players must acquire a variety of powerful Heroes and build up their own squad of champions to take on the PVE threats of the world as well as battling against real world players for PVP rank. Completely free to play players can gain extra bonuses through the Diamond Purchasing/Recharge systems that allows the purchase of premium currency using real cash and in turn also grants players a VIP rank based off their spend for additional perks.


- 2 Available Classes
- Dozens of Heroes to acquire
- Train up and equip your team of champions
- Organize Heroes into strategic formations
- PVE and PVP focused content
- Browser title
- 100% F2P


The primary objective with God Wars is for players to put together their own personal team of Heroes, use various systems and features to level them up and make them more powerful, and then take on the more challenging end-game content and competitive ranked PVP elements. By building up a team and equipping them, players improve their BR (Battle Rank) which is a total of all their various Hero levels, equipped gear, item upgrades, mount levels and more and is an indicator to other players just how strong this team is in comparison to their own.


Players have two classes in which to choose from when making their character, a pre-designed male warrior or a female mage, with no appearance customization options players can only change their name from a number of pre-generated words. The starting class heavily determines the core of a players team composition and the types of Heroes they will want to recruit, making up for any weaknesses a class may have, such as a Mage's weak defense meaning they need a strong front liner to protect them, or the Warriors weaker offense requiring a stronger back line artillery to compensate for it.


Heroes come in a variety of roles, from protective Guardians to healing Priestesses, the numerous Heroes that take form in God Wars provide a high level of customization with each having its own stats and unique abilities that can synergize well with not just the player's own hero character, but other recruited NPC heroes as well. Depending upon a players personal playstyle they can recruit whichever Heroes they like, and feel would work in their team as part of their on-going strategy, through the Territory feature which allows upgrades of different buildings to unlock new Heroes.


An important aspect of team strategy and management is the Deployment system, a three by three formation grid where players can choose their active Heroes and place them into their combat team. With different positions players can have a heavy front line with more defensive Heroes, or focus more on having a bursty backline filled with damage dealers that look to annihilate opponents quickly and not worry about having to defend with a sustained battle. Due to the tactics behind each Hero an enemy they will make their attacks on different squares of an opponent's formation, either single target, AOE or a column or row, and players are not able to directly target a particular target but can orchestrate their team to focus on a particular square based off their tactics.


Whether in PVE questing or PVP Battles, combat is in generally an automated system with the NPC Heroes automatically making their attacks on the opponent. Players have an element of control over their own Hero character and use their various learned skills in combat to hone their tactics; the skills a hero has can either be lower end abilities that build a small amount of Rage, or more high powered abilities that spend rage, so players constantly balance their accumulation and use of their Rage resource. Players do have the option of going completely AFK/Automated once they have completed the first PVE Quest area, at which point the AI control will also take over the player character and use their Rage skills as it sees fit.


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