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GunZ F2P

Gunz is a free to play third person shooter game which offers freedom of movement, allowing characters even to scale walls and perform somersaults.


The Quest mode of GunZ takes place on smaller sized remake versions of the original maps you have grown used to. In this mode, players cooperate to complete a common objective. The main game play objective is to kill all the monsters of each map to proceed to the next stage.


— 3D Action
Battles unfold in an immersive 3D environment for maximized strategic play. Battles unfold not only on the ground but also on the walls, columns and even the furniture.

— Character customization
It offers a variety of character models, as well as 12 item slots per character, so players can fully customize their own avatars. From clothing to accessories, build your very own, unique warrior from the shell-strewn ground up.

— Quick gameplay
GunZ characters move with blazing speed, running up walls and somersaulting through the air like action movie heroes. GunZ allows the game's characters freedom of movement like console games or the actors in action movies.

— Variety of weapons
All weapons are available in a variety of designs and colors to coordinate with the unique look of the characters. Players can choose from rifles, pistols, dual wield guns, machine guns and more. There are also many weapons available for close quarters combat.

— Additional Gameplay
As an action game with a role playing twist, GunZ will continue to introduce additional diverse and interesting role-playing elements rather than simply offering more level-up opportunities for the players.

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