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Hounds: The Last Hope F2P


Free to play MMOFPS






Hounds: The Class Hope is a free to play first person shooter MMO where players take on the role of the saviours of mankind against invading aliens that have infected the world with a mutagenic virus. With a combination of intense PvP game modes and immersive Co-op PvE the game boast high quality graphics and action based gameplay.


Exciting fast-paced combat

Various PVP game modes and multiple maps

Extensive PVE Co-op story campaign

Complete loadout customisation with weapons, items and skills

Create or join your own clan

Free to play


The game is a classic MMOFPS with next gen graphics and an exceptional blend of PVP focused arena battles and long story-driven co-op campaigns for random groups and friends to work alongside each other progressing the games storyline. Players can choose from four primary classes and customize their weapons, items and abilities to achieve the type of character they prefer to play as.


There are four character classes available in the game:

Assault – using a huge metal riot shield as his main line of defense he provides cover for both himself and his allies when the bullets start to rain down and firing using his shield pistol. With a number of unique skills such as Rush, Sonic Wave and Poison Shot they are deadly solo and within a group

Specialist - all-out offensive with a huge unstoppable Minigun the Specialist is a bomb master able to wreak havoc and destruction on a battlefield and against enemies, they use Smoke Grenades and HP Recovery Resonators to offer a little extra support to their team members

Tech – able to provide some huge firepower with their Grenade Launcher there are also able to drop ammunition supply tools, sentry guns and shield generators as their main skills, making them an ideal offensive and support role character

Support - found on the backline this combatant uses a Sniper Rifle to bring death from a distance, keeping their position safe using a variety of Impact Mines, Freezing Grenades and an Enemy Detect Fire tool to see where enemies are and locating them quickly


Players will get the chance to improve their gear and equip a variety of mods to their weapons to unlock new skills, drastically changing the tactics and strategy that they can employ in battle. Ranging from an Assault player gaining the Rush ability to charge their opponents down with a heavy melee strike, or a number of weapons having the incendiary attack to deal fire damage over time on targets.


Combat is extremely high action, with the ability to interact with your terrain features by opening doors, moving crates, leaping barriers and more. Players can use their firearms or quickly use their melee attack if they have enough stamina to instantly drop their targets. When “killed” players in a team will have a few moments where team mates can bring them back into the game if they are fast enough.


There are a number of classic PVP game modes available in Hounds, focusing on team based combat they range from classic Team Deathmatch games, Bomb Disposal, Point Capture and others ranging across a variety of maps taking place to different environments from abandoned city districts, military facilities, abandoned harbours and more.


The PVE campaign is extensive, featuring a number of missions that players must unlock as they progress the storyline, complete with normal or challenge mode and even a Sub-Missions and Boss Missions for extra fun and rewards. Players can take on missions solo, but many will prove difficult to tackle alone, and so players can jump into each other's missions and fight in a co-op against the AI.


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