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Imperion is a free-to-play browser-based Science-Fiction strategy MMO focusing on construction and resource management. It features detailed graphics and an immersive gameplay and a wide range of tactical options. Players assume the role of a general and attempt to expand into space, colonizing new planets and overcoming conflicts with military might, diplomacy or through cooperation. The game offers a wide range of strategies, making advancement possible through colonization, tactical alliances, invasion or superior research.

- Settle new planets and lead your empire to victory with strategic skill and diplomatic finesse.
- Communicative aspect encouraging players to forge alliances and trade with each other.
- Fantastic and highly-detailed graphics.
- Completely free-to-play.
- Incredible gameplay freedom with great complexity and a finely-tuned balance.
- Wide range of available strategies.
- No download required.

At the beginning, players will have to use a careful resource management and the right development strategy but soon they will realize the importance of cooperation with other players and between the species. For waging war in Imperion, joint territorial battles, invasions and annexations are vital elements while trade and diplomacy also allow for alternative strategies. The endgame encompasses epic battles between alliances as well as a highly-developed alien species, all intended to motivate players in the long term.


According to their strategy that offense is the best defense, the Xen roam across space in swarm, raiding and plundering their enemies. Due to their bio-chemical abilities, the Xen can break down and transform their units in order to adjust them to any combat situation.
Specialists in recycling raw materials and possessing the most balanced characteristics, the Terrans are able to survive in all habitats. They're masters of improvisation and call a respectable fleet their own.

Although Imperion is completely free-to-play, players can also purchase premium functions that provide various advantages within the game.

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