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KO Champs is a browser game in which you must train your very own boxing champion. Your goal is to produce and manage a knockout boxer who easily smashes his opposition and claims victory. When starting out in the sports simulation game KO Champs you are given your very own boxing student, to turn into the perfect boxer.

The path to becoming a world-renowned boxing champion is not an easy nor quick one – you will need to implement a strict training regime to ensure your boxer's strength and skills keep improving. Start out by sending your boxer to fight against opponents in the lower leagues in order to gain practice in the ring. It is also important to ensure that your boxer's private life remains healthy and clean, not only to ensure a top performance but also to sustain your boxer's reputation.

There are three elements you will need to constantly monitor and assess in the browser game KO Champs, which include physique, impact and defense values in order to get a top performance and a healthy thrashing of your opponents, ensure your boxer has a balance of all three elements. Search for real-life opponents and schedule matches once you feel your boxer is ready. Your goal is to train and inspire your boxer from an amateur right up the ranks to heavyweight champion, your boxer can make it to the top of the ladder in the simulation browser game KO Champs!

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