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Krosmaster Arena F2P

Krosmaster Arena is an exciting strategic game where players can collect figurines and battle with them in epic arena fights against other players using their figures and their habilities to defeat their opponents.

Players are able to acquire figurines in a variety of different ways, including purchasing physical versions of Burma from real-world stores that sell the Krosmaster Arena tabletop board game. The game is a completely free to play MMO and can be accessed through any browser without the need of a download.


Build up a team choosing from dozens of different figurines
Each figurine has their own attacks and abilities
Fight against other players in challenging strategic arena battles
Acquire new figurines playing other Ankama MMORPGs like Dofus and Wakfu
Defeat other players to improve your global ranking
Browser-based game


In the game players have to build up their own teams of Krosmaster figurines and fight against other players in random 12 x 12 gridded map. Each player starts at each end of the map and take it in turns to make their plays, each player using all their figurines to move, attack or interact with the map in various ways before it switches to the other player who gets to use all their figurines.

Each figurine has its own unique abilities and attacks and that it can perform in battle, whether melee attacks, long range attacks, area attacks and even heals. Part of the fun of the game is collect different figurines and combine them to create your own strategies. The game is won by removing the opponent players Gallons of Glory (GG), each time a figurine is KOd in the battle then you remove an equal amount of GG from the players' pool equivalent to that figurines level.


Players are able to acquire the digital figurines by earning Kros currency that they can spend in the online shop. Players are also able to earn figurines by playing Dofus and Wakfu. Finally, players are able to buy the real physical figurines to gain a digital version of that character in the Online game.


Each figurine has unique attributes, which can be viewed on their individual card:

Health - The amount of damage that the figurine can take in battle before it is KOd and removed from the battle.
Movement - The number of squares that the figurines are able to move during their turn
Action Points - Every action uses one or more Action Points, and the AP value shows the figurines overall Action Point pool.
Level - The level of the figurine also represents the number of Gallons of Glory (GG) that will be removed from the owners GG pool if this figurine is KO'd


One of the interesting features that occurs in battle is that whilst fighting enemy players are also able to move around the map and as part of their turn pick up “kamas”, coins that are scattered around the map that players can opt to pick up as part of their action. If the player visits a Demons Head square, typically placed at the centre of the map, they are able to spend their kamas to acquire more Gallons of Glory to make them harder to kill or simply replenish their lost GG, as well as buying a variety of different buffs and bonuses that can last for a turn, an attack or an entire game.

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