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Legends of Xian is a mmorpg, with strategic touch. Based on the genuine historic story of Xian, you are taken back in time to where legends ruled the great empire of Chinawith intense PvP combat, all-out sieges, and mighty clan and state wars.

Fight for victory and rule over the great empire of Ancient China. Get involved on quests, trade items with other players, and even send flowers to your love interests in the adventurous browser game Legends of Xian. Collect precious gems to help you in battle by completing quests, grinding, or purchasing them from the item shop. Obtain various other items in Legends of Xian to assist you in combat, including spells, scrolls, tablets, coins, weaponry and armor. Refine weapons using the specialized crafting system in the Forge.

Create a clan, allocate your troops and engage in bloody clan wars in the arena. Reign over your opponents and earn glory, honor and rewards. There are an endless number of quests and you can complete main quests, side quests, circular quests and instance quests, and reap the rewards. Construct buildings, conduct research and trade with other players in the Marketplace. Discuss the RPG Legends of Xian with other players in the chat room, and use the efficient mail system for more direct communication. Online game Legends of Xian has an impressive variety of features and functions for you to explore.

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