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Metin 2 is a simple but fast paced fantasy MMORPG which is popular in Europe and has recently been brought to the North American market by Z8Games. There are three warring factions, one for each kingdom. All three kingdoms share the same 4 class choices and players of all three start in the same area. Your faction choice only comes into play after level 15 where players of opposing factions may freely attack you. Upon reaching level 5, each class has two specialization options:

Warrior focus on physical melee attacks. At level 5, Warriors can become Arahans who possess high attack speeds or Partisans who focus on defense.

Mages are the spell casters of Metin 2 and can chose either the Dragon or Lighting school of magic. Dragon Mages focus on offensive spells while Lighting Mages focus on supportive spells such as heals and buffs.

The Sura is a hybrid swordsman / casters who may specialize in either Black Magic or Mirage Force. Black Magic Suras possess powerful long ranged spells while Mirage Force Suras are adapt at mixing short ranged magic with their melee attacks.

Assassin prefer light weapons and can specialize into Archers or continue their training as Assassins, focusing instead of daggers or swords.

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