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Step into the shoes of a planetary leader responsible for leading their people to greatness as they embark on an empire spanning revolution, kicking off the shackles of your home planet you look to the stars and the possibilities that lie on other worlds. OGame is a space based strategy game revolving around players competing with each other to try and colonize the universe by settling and building up a multitude of planets that they will control. The MMO is 100% free to play and can be accessed with ease through your preferred web browser.


- Colonize space and rule over all the planets of your Empire
- Meet other worlds and declare war or make Alliances
- Research new technologies to empower your people
- Manage your resources and time to defeat your rivals
- 100% F2P
- Browser MMO gameplay


Whilst on the surface OGame is simple in design, focusing on a browser based experience of menus and sub-menus whilst players manage their growing empire, organize their construction efforts, monitor resource use and acquisition, and keep tabs on their rivals from nearby planets; the behind the scenes of this simple looking title is considerably more complex. The game heavily focuses on PVP and whilst providing new players some “New Player Protection” where they cannot be attacked, ultimately it is a case of kill or be killed as other players start trying to raid your planet for resources, prompting players to band together in formed Alliances. The game is free to play but provides some premium options in the form of Commanders/Advisors that give players various boosts and advantages when it comes to construction, combat, trade and other core aspects of the game; whilst not necessary for lower level players it does provide a big enough advantage that competitive players will need to use them.


The bones of an empire come down the how many resources a player can acquire, they are the building blocks to all elements of construction and research and so players must prioritise early their mines to bring in Metal, Deuterium and Crystals. With time spent on technology research players will gain access to new buildings and upgrades that they can construct, all of which use up resources and take real world time from minutes, hours and even days; though the game continues even when players log off and so your constructions will continue even when you are not logged in.


As combat is one of the principle elements about the game players will have to get to grips with the art of espionage; here they are able to send agents to rival planets to uncover information on their stationed fleets, planetary defenses, available resources and known technologies (though all of this can be blocked with good counter-espionage). With this information players can determine the likelihood of a successful raid from the known information and current defenses, White targets only return 50% of their raided supplies, Yellow normal targets give 75% and AI planets yield the full 100%. As there will always be some element of loss of ships in combat, as well as the cost in Deutrium to travel and engage in warfare, not all raids are financially profitable and in turn deters higher level players from simply destroying lower levels. However, some small weaker targets may be ideal vulnerable targets if they are part of an enemy Alliance!


Just as players can wage war on each other so too can they make pacts of friendship and enter an Alliance (a guild) allowing the easy exchange of resources between each other and the ability to support each other in wartime, using their own fleet ships to protect other planets that are part of the Alliance. Whilst having protection of a bigger brother type community is great for a newer/weaker player, it also embroils them in larger Alliance Wars where now dozens of planetary rulers are all seeing you as an enemy all of a sudden. Alliances can battle with each other for rank position and so adds a higher level of competitive gameplay for players.


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