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Free to play RPG


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A web based free to play RPG, Pixel Hero is a saga of fantasy proportions where players are tasked with putting together a powerful party of Heroes, equipping them, training them up and journey across dangerous terrains and environments in search of legendary artifacts and to put an end to evil. With classic RPG pixel based graphics and retro sound and music the game captures the spirit of old school RPG games such as Final Fantasy.


- Hundreds of available heroes
- Customize your party and individual Heroes
- Mine ores and gems to make powerful items
- Compete with other players within the Arena or try yourself in the Tournaments
- Completely free to play
- Browser based gameplay


Pixel Hero offers a relatively casual gameplay experience that allows player to gain XP and gold even when they are not playing through the Adventuring system and, when playing, is filled with a number of automated systems such as auto-combat that puts players more in the position of managing the party, its Heroes and gear than actively engaging in any action. End game content typically focuses on PVP with players trying to gain ranks and position in return for reward.


Combat is a turn based system that is completely automated, upon entering battle both sides will attack as one based off their individual Heroes, or creatures/monsters in the case of PVE against AI, fighting back and forth until one team loses all of its health and is defeated.


Heroes are the most fundamental aspect of the game, with hundreds to unlock players will begin by creating and naming their own initial hero and as they journey through the story and head into new adventure zones they can meet new heroes to join their party. Each hero has their own quality/colour: White (Normal), Green (Elite), Blue (Heroic), Purple (Legendary), Gold (Leader Class) and Flashing Gold (Leader Class), these colours and quality both determine how strong a Hero is as well as how quickly they gain XP to level up.

More Heroes can be earned by completing quests or actively engaging in a number of PVP and PVE features to earn unique currency which can be spent buying new Heroes. From time to time players may acquire Heroes that they don't want or need, here they are able to use the Temple system to dismiss a Hero and trade them for Honor Shards, which they can then in turn use to buy new Heroes from the temple.


An important feature to the game players have their own area of land that they can mine, using up Digging Attempts to clear rock and dirt to reach distant ores and jewels, each of which can take minutes or even hours to recover. Once these valuable resources have been claimed players are able to use the Forge system to create new weapons and gear for their Heroes.


Adventure Stages are automated affairs where the assembled Heroes will continue “adventuring” through a zone and automatically gain XP and Gold whilst they are actively adventuring (which can be turned off whilst the Hero rests to take advantage of other features). Adventuring uses up repletion points, but aside from that a Hero can continue adventuring even when the players logs out and will also from time to time uncover loot chests to give a wide selection of different loot items. In total there are 180 stages to complete, each having different pre-requisited before a player can attempt them, though simply following the general main quest chain story-arc will progress players at a decent pace to tackle most Stages when they are accessed.


The main PVP feature is the Arena that allows players to compete against one another to earn powerful King's Medal, with these resources players can purchase different Heroes, with those players at the top of the rank ladders earning free medals each day. The Tournament only allows players to see Heroes in front of and behind their position, by defeating higher ranked players Tourney competitors can climb the ranks and gain King's Medals of their own to help retain their prestigious position.


Internet Browser

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