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Rage of 3 Kingdoms F2P

Rage of 3 Kingdoms (R3K) is a military strategy game that you can play for free on a browser or IOS devices with other players, it's based on the 3 kingdoms era of the old china, so players get to live and play around with the unadulterated politics and military backstabbing. They have to take their kingdom to glory by improving and expanding it. Managing resources, putting an army together and many more things are waiting for players.


- City building and assets management
- Pick from 600 legendary generals
- More than 100 special skills and units
- Strategic combat oon land & sea
- Rewarding clan system
- Play on browser, Android and iOS


Fame is useful when recruiting generals and getting promotion titles, which are basicly boosts for players and it's earned pretty much by doing anything in the game.
Merit is required for training generals, and it's earned by winning battles, getting into arena fights, through the tavern chat, levy event or patrol system and daily quests.
Silver is used for everything as it's the main currency, upgrading buildings and troops, buying from the shop, are just some examples. It's gained by handing quests over, earning achievements, owning a silver mine, and selling assets at the shop.
Gold as usual in free to play games is the premium currency that is used to speed up and finish developing and upgrading, getting more room for the warehouse and much more. It can be earned by unlocking achievements and is also purchasable in the shop for real money.
Battle Orders are like action points that allow players to perform manoeuvres. They get 1 each 30 minutes as base, but they get more as they upgrade their base and spend gold on it.


Players can get generals and train them to lead their armies, they can be equipped with items and linked to units to lead. There are buildings that support and increase their training among the list of available buildings to players. They get experience when trained which makes them better overall as they level up.
They have abilities which grant boosts and are improved by using soul resources, turtle, dragon, tiger and phoenix souls to be more specific.


There a several different units that can be used at a given time and they must be picked up wisely depending on the strategy and the enemy forces, since they all have strengths and weaknesses it's a tricky thing.
Some of the unit types are spearmen, Swordsmen, spearmen, riders, archers, and tacticians, they can be advanced to specialized versions with different statistics, roles and performance in battle .


Players have to raise their own city as first step towards world domination, right before putting a huge army together to conquer and vanquish their enemies. They will be able to pick from a wide array of buildings and units, which will unlock others. Of course they must gather resources and develop new technology to eventually get to the high tier of units and buildings. They can also recruit and train generals from a wide pool to lead their forces.
Your whole city is built around the town hall as it's the main and first building in it, therefore it sets the level cap all your buildings can reach and also serves as player level. Of course this can be upgraded to raise that ceiling.


Players can enjoy pve and pvp content alike, there are different game modes for each so they sure will have plenty of fun on each, even within each game mode there are different maps and will force players to play in a different way or use different units or tactics. There is a clan level game mode in which they can fight for strategic spots occupation which will grant them resource bonuses, they can fight duels between the opposing clans till there is a victor.


Players can marry a female npc that will grant them specific bonuses thanks to the family they belong to, there is a progression though, it's not an instantaneous thing, they must talk to the woman to get close to her, then once they are close enough the boost will be activated, the better their bond the better the benefits.

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