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MechRage is a free browser mmorpg that combines elements of building strategy and military combat in a futuristic setting. You start the game with a small base and one main building. From there you continue to add and construct unique dwellings. Once your main building reaches level five, you will no longer have noob protection, but will have access to a host of additional dwellings to build, you can speed up construction and upgrade by purchasing valuable gold.

One of the most important buildings in MechRage is the Collectors Factory. This is where your intelligent mechanical collectors are housed, trained and sent off on collecting expeditions from. The more Collectors Factories you construct, the more Collector-Mechs you will have under your rule. The Collector-Mechs will go out to find the prized titanium, silicon and gold raw materials. With these precious materials you can improve the strength of your mechanical army, expand your city, or even increase your attacks on other cities.

You have the possibility of founding a powerful alliance, or joining an existing alliance in MechRage. Strength is in numbers, so it is important to establish who your allies are from the very beginning. Attack your neighboring players and raid their precious titanium, gold and silicon supplies, or simply spy on them to ensure no large-scale attacks are being planned against you.

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