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Heroes of the Storm brings a new point of view to the MOBA genre by adding new features and synergy between different elements that make players play each map in a different way. Players will get into the Nexus, where all heroes from all Blizzard games clash into short tactical battles.

- Play several champions and villains from Blizzard games.
- Different roles to fulfil depending on the hero.
- Customize the heroes as it levels up by picking between talents.
- Several maps with different features and mechanics.
- Different buildings with new functionalities in the genre.

The emphasis on the game is to have fast and fun sessions, typically lasting between 15 to 20 minutes per game, having a more casual feel so that players find it easier to pick up but more difficult to master. The game focuses on team work considerably more than other games in this genre type, with such changes as completely dropping “last hit” bonuses that can often divide a team through voluntary for accidental kill stealing, instead once a hero is downed the bonus is split between the entire team. Each hero with their key roles will play have their own importance on the battlefield and their time to shine and contribute to the team overall.

Assassins – High Damage dealers with stealth capabilities but weak defences.
Warriors – Tanking characters who can stand a decent amount of damage.
Support – They can buff and heal their allies greatly manipulating the outcome of the battle.
Commanders – They are some kind of supporter and carrier mixed into one character.
Siege Heroes – These are specialized in destroying buildings and killing missions.

All heroes have different play styles depending on what talents the players pick when it levels up, they can change the role of the class completely. When heroes reach L20 they will gain their ultimate skill which may vary as well, players can then create cohesive teams pretty much regardless of the heroes they like.

As players advance they will unlock more heroes and skins to play with making their characters visually unique.

The maps are the ground-breaking feature of the game, they are interactive and each one brings unique mechanics and flavour to the current match. Most of them have three lanes to keep the standard but they are far more compact leading to more frequent skirmishes.

They have one or more mechanics that will make the balance bend to their team's side when they achieve the goals, for instance there is this map with a pirate ship, if the teams collect treasure chests and give them to the captain the ship will unleash hell on enemy's base by shooting the cannons of the ship.

There are more structures in the game than never before, fountains to heal themselves, walls, towers with limited ammo and more. Minions wise there are new types, melee, ranged, support, healer and more, so all in all classic elements of MOBA games taken to a new level adding extra flavour to the game.

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