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Realms Online F2P

Realms Online is a free MMORPG, available in Spanish, English and German. Players are located in a 3D virtual world where they can play as Elves, Humans Dwarves, or Dark Elves and have adventures exploring the wild lands or joining an army of players.

PvP is based on an ongoing war between the three kingdoms, and control of the conflict zones.


- fully customizable player races.
- 3 realms to choose from.
- 6 classes with extensive customization.
- The ability to capture forts & castles.
- An ever-expanding number of quests.
- Expansive lands to explore.
- Premium items for enhanced gameplay
- Support for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.


There are three main classes: mage, warrior and archer. But once your character reaches level ten, you will be able to choose one of two disciplines; these disciplines are split between offensive and defensive disciplines.

- Hunter: Defensive discipline. Allows the player to train a pet and use skills to make a target easier to hit.
- Marksman: Offensive discipline. Increases the player's ability to make damaging attacks.

- Conjurer: Defensive discipline. Allows the player to summon creatures and use defensive spells.
- Warlock: Offensive discipline. Gives the player the ability to cast devastating spells on the target.

- Barbarian: Offensive discipline. Increases the attack that the player gives.
- Knight: Defensive discipline. Increases the player's ability to take on damage.


The PvP aspect of the game is the highly competitive gaming side of Realms. Points awarded to players who do great deeds for their own realm. These deeds include defeating players from opposing realms. All realm points are tracked and ranked on the Realms official ranking website.

At the core of the PvP gaming are player realm's strongholds. These can be realms forts, castles, and other structures. These structures are strategic points that are key to the realm survival. For the most part battling and realm conflicts take place in the conflict zone which is accessible by passing through the great wall in your realm. The conflict zone is an area of land that touches each of the warring realms. It is here that you can be killed by any players from other realms.

There are also arenas in the safe zones of each realm. These Arenas allow players from the same realm to duel in a safe area without any punishment for losing.


Character building quests
Are easy to find and help to level the player as well as improve spells and special abilities.

The shadow quests
Are designed to fulfill the PvE experience by offering the player a complete start to finish story-line with hundreds of supporting quests.


Premium has been designed to avoid any advantages when two players are battling each other. Some premium items have special measures incorporated into them that will, in reasonable terms, leverage the combat between paying and non-paying players.

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