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Star Conflict is free space multiplayer action game where players become pilots of high technology spaceships who must fight other players in instanced arenas and achieve victory by fulfilling several different goals depending on the match type, there are 3 main factions in the game with completely different playing style ships

- 3 factions system with 2 sub factions each
- 3 ship classes to fly
- Fight in instanced matches for space sectors sovereign
- Several PvP and PvE modes
- High alien technology and a wide array of modules and weapons
- Completely free

They look to expand their empire and are focused on military stuff, their pilots usually have the most offensive and defensive ships of the three factions. They're loyal to the emperor and are ready to conquer all they find in their way.
It's an alliance of free people who have no leader nor interest in conquering or expanding, they have been at war against the Empire for centuries now and are known to like security, luxury and wealth, their main way of life is trading.
Descendants from a long forgotten race that inhabited the Earth, they are reluctant to make deals or even treat with strangers. Very focused on their technology, they have the most advanced ships of the three factions, their weaponry and pilots are highly modified to achieve the top performance.

The game offers a very deep customization system, where players can pick from three different type of ship with a complete different play style, the interceptor are fast and deadly but have low defences for example. Each class can carry different type of modules to further specialize and focus on a role within their team.

Weaponry – There are three types of weapons: energy, laser and kinetic.
Shunting Engines – They improve ship's manoeuvrability.
Shield Generator – Helps increasing the ship's shield innate regeneration rate.
CPU - AI system offers extra information on the battfield.
Main Module – Here goes the specific module for each ship and class.
Primary Combat Modules – Depending on the module you fit here your role in the battle will vary.
Hull – Structure of th ship that is attached to its appearance and durability, doesn't regenerate over time like the shield.
Energy Plant – Energy is used by several modules, the more energy you have and the higher regeneration rate you possess, better performance on the battlefield your ship will have.
EA Emitters – Eletronic devices that are used to track down and disable enemy ships.
Booster – The thrhusters of the ship. Varies a lot from class to class.
Afterburning Engines – Provide speed boost when needed, but they burn the energy of the ship.
Secondary Combat Modules – Extra modules that boost statistics of the ship.

The game has several PvP modes across different maps, but there is also PvE content which is not that common in this type of games, the PvE content is cooperative and you play with with your friends or other players, getting rewards like in a PvP match. The AI that handles the NPC is very well tailored. There is another mode which allows you to pick the type of match that you are going to join, while the regular pvp mode is completely random.

The progression is based on reputation towards the three factions, a pilot can fly any ship from any faction as long as they have enough reputation level with them, also they can wear implants that they unlock by raising their reputation as well, the levels are split into tiers which is one of the variables of the matchmaking system. Reputation is gained by playing both PvE and PvP content so players can enjoy the game as they prefer.

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