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The West is a free browser game settled in the Wild West where players take the role of a workman, adventurer, gunslinger or soldier, searching for glory, luck and gold. You have to build up your small town. Once it's established you will be able to truly get involve in taming the west. With live fort fights and duels you will soon be a true legend too."


In the premium section you can purchase small ingame and comfort advantages. To get a premium account you need gold nuggets that cannot be found in game, they have to purchased with real life currency.

There are five different premium accounts that you can activate for your character on worlds with classic premium. Four of these have lasting advantages and one has an immediate effect. The four lasting premiums are "more energy", "automation", "higher income" and "character bonus", and the immediate premium is "reset inventory trader" while in worlds with expanded premium, the four classic premium advantages are available with the addition of five more premium features. These new features are "placate Shaman", "item delivery", "halve waytime", "buy products" and "deposit cash".

Some worlds have complete premium available, these worlds have all the expanded options enabled plus two additional premium features. These are "buy skill points" and "energy refill".

When you purchase nuggets for your account, you receive the purchased nuggets for all worlds you have a character in. If you spend nuggets in one world, they are taken from your account in all other worlds as well.


A duel is the fight between 2 players and is separated into 8 rounds. Each player has eight chances to try to land a hit and eight changes to dodge the attack from the other one. To land a hit you need good attack value. To evade a hit you need a good defense value.

The player that causes more damage in the duel wins. If both players cause the exact same amount of damage, the defender wins. If a player loses all his health points in the duel, he passes out and in this case the other player is always the winner of the duel even if he caused less damage.


It is possible to place a bounty on another player's head. When placing a bounty, you are able to choose the amount of cash which will be awarded to the player who collects the bounty. The amount you choose is deducted from your on hand cash when possible, or your bank account. 9% of the chosen amount disappears into the game as a fee, while the other 91% of your chosen reward goes to the player that beats the wanted person in a duel.


Towns play a central role in The West. Here you can bond with other players and build up a strong, powerful town. Every building you work on gives advantages to you and the other players who can't join more than one town at a time by the way. To switch to another town players have to leave their current town first and then wait a short time-period and find a new town to join.

When the last member of a town leaves it becomes a ghost town and its buildings cannot be used anymore. The hotel and bank close down and so do the merchants.

It is possible to reawaken a ghost town which costs just as much as founding a new town. The big advantage of taking over a ghost town is that the buildings keep their old levels. When taking over a town you are shown the points that the town will have after completion.

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