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ThunderCall F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Hero Building RPG


Thundercall allows you to step into the boots of a hero summoned by the gods to help defend the realm against the rising demonic invasion that threatens the entire world; with Gods and Goddesses at your side can you be the one to end this terror for good? A free to play title that can be played through the games official website using web browsers players will be able to build up their own hero and adventure across a fantasy land helping NPCs, completing quests and taking down ferocious bosses.


- Two player classes
- Upgrade your hero and earn powerful items
- Dozens of features for PVE and PVP
- Earn Mounts and hatch your own Pets
- Colourful 2.5D graphics
- 100% F2P
- Browser gameplay


Players will find Thundercall a fun and casual experience focused on trying to build up your chosen hero and make them as powerful as possible, going through an extensive series of quests, unlocking new PVE features, upgrading gear and various other methods to improve your character. With detailed polished graphics the game takes on a story driven narrative that players will uncover as they progress, speaking to various characters and starring as the hero in their own fantasy epic.

The game features some automated elements including auto-pathing between NPCs and quest locations or optional full automated AFK combat when in instanced stages, allowing the game to take control fully over your character.

Whilst completely free to play there are optional paid elements where players can buy Diamonds in game currency with real cash and use them for various things such as acquiring more powerful items, spending it in the Diamond only shop, refreshing feature cooldowns allowing them to make more attempts, and more. The more money a player spends on Diamonds it also grants a secondary benefit giving the player VIP status, more Diamonds bought equates to a higher VIP level and improved rewards.


The two classes in the game are the Mage and the Warrior, both are locked to a particular character and cannot be customized (the Mage is a female and the Warrior is a male) but offer different playstyles and unique abilities and skills in combat. The Mage is a defensively vulnerable character that focuses on keeping out of melee range in combat and instead fires off elemental spells at opponents and summons lightning, fire and ice in huge area of effect attacks to deal maximum damage to an area. The Warrior can focus on being more defensive with his armor and hit point pool, but also has the flexibility of being a physical offensive melee fighter unleashing ferocious assaults upon his foes.


Combat happens in the game the majority of the time, initially starting out with players fighting through instances to complete the series of quests in an area, how quickly they complete the instance will determine their score and subsequent rewards. Combat is somewhat skill based as players make their attacks using the number keys which are automatically directed to the mouse cursor and strike any targets they are aimed at, meanwhile the players uses the mouse to also move their character around. Attacks can be dodged and the Mage in particular must try and keep away from particularly powerful attacks, but killing off enemies and bosses will drop various loot items for the player to collect.


The game has a variety of features including a number of events focused on fighting enemies or Boss champions in PVE, which will typically grant XP, gold and usually materials that can be used to upgrade the character. PVP is also a popular feature, particularly with players when they have reached max level and trying to attain the highest rank possible is a primary focus for many players and challenging others to 1 on 1 duels in the Arena.

With the various rewards and materials that are unlocked players can upgrade their character, upgrade materials allow the player to use the Forge system to enhance their equipped weapons and armor to make them stronger, or improve their skills by adding runes to them, even upgrading Pets and Mounts to directly improve the player character's stats.


Internet Browser

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