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TOME: Immortal Arena F2P

TOME is a strategic action packed MOBA, in which players can choose among several guardians and use them to fight other players in tactical team battles in various game modes and different maps. The game is a classic MOBA with three lanes, with unique features, as a frantic action and individual customization.


- Choose from 20 different guardians
- Practice with your friends, team up against the AI, or fight against other players
- Choose between three different maps (3v3, 5v5 and 7v7)
- Unlock blessings using the guardians of a specific domain
- Unlock relics to customize each guardian play style
- Completely free to play


TOME is in many ways a traditional MOBA where you fight in arenas with three lanes where players have to fight against towers, minions and other players in order to reach the enemy base and destroy their altar.

At the beginning of each game the players will choose a Guardian, which will begin being at level 1, and through defeating minions and other guardians they'll gain experience that will allow them to level up upgrade their skills and unlock their ultimate. During the game players also can buy items using the money they get by defeating minions and NPCs on the map, which will give them talents, attributes and temporary benefits.


Slayers - high damage dealing characters that are designed specifically to kill their enemies quickly

Tanks - strong and heavily defended they are ideal front line combatants soaking up damage and defending their companions

Tacticians - excellent support characters that can aid allies and hinder enemy players

Pushers - ideal for leading the attack by way of clearing out minions and taking down enemy defensive towers


In the game players can choose among several guardians who may be classified in four different roles:

Tanks - Strong and durable these fighters are more than prepared to be at the forefront soaking up damage and defending their team mates.

Pushers - Ideal for leading attacks, as they are really good killing minions and enemy Towers.

Slayers – These characters are capable of doing a lot of damage to other guardians and kill them quickly.

Tacticians – The tacticians are excellent support characters that can aid their companions and weaken their enemies.


The game mainly features three game modes: Practice Mode, where players can compete against their friends or the AI to train their skills before entering the PvP Arena, PvP mode, the standard game mode in which players fight against each other in challenging action-based battles, and Co-op Mode where a team of players will fight against a team of AI controlled enemies.


TOME matches last an average of 20 minutes, being much faster than most other MOBAs. This is possible thanks to several key features:

In-Lane Healing - Unlike other MOBAs in which players have to return to their base to heal themselves, TOME allows players to heal up whilst out in the lanes and keeping them in the action.

You can buy items in the lanes - In a similar way, in other MOBAs players only can buy items in their base, but in TOME players can buy them anywhere, even when they are in combat.

Minion Advancement - As players destroy towers of the opposing team their minions will become more powerful, making that lane even tougher to defend for the opposing team and potentially leading to an easy victory.

Shorter Cooldowns - There is nothing worse than having to wait several minutes to use your favorite skills, that's why in TOME the most powerful skills have shorter cooldowns, allowing you to fight much more fierce battles.

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