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Travia2 is a free multiplayer RPG with a 2.5D perspective based on a fantasy world and that includes the common features of any MMORPG and action games, such as an upgrade system, mounts, action combat, guilds and PvP. Players will join one of the two factions and pick a class before getting into this fast-paced game.

- Epic scale 2 factions PvP system, 4 classes
- Fast-paced action combat mixed with Hack&Slash monster hunting
- Story-telling group quests
- Simple and Intuitive controls
- Good 2.5D graphics
- Completely free

They wear heavy armour and wield heavy weapons, so they are fearsome in battle, stand a huge amount of damage and deal a similar one.
Ranged attacks are their strongest skill, they usually succeed, but problems come when they get to close combat.
They master the holy magic and use it from afar to both deal damage and heal allies.
They control such power that some of their spells make them untouchable and they can deal an insane amount of damage to their foes.

On the PvP side you have different modes such as village war, where different guilds fight to take the three crystals and therefore controlling the village. There is also castle war and it involves the whole server, it's a continuation from the village war as the winner of that will fight the current holder of the castle, but everybody can take part in the assault/defence.
On PvE, you have a party system and open world bosses to keep players entertained with very interesting mechanics like hunting the boss down and defeating it.

The quests are made to level up faster by completing and handing them over, there are usually made for parties, they're for up to 5 players and will ask them to get into a specific scenario, these party quests have a high difficulty level so beware!

Kaya was a great wizard, and the tower is centenary and contains traps, hidden powers and other dangers, to prevent a deadly demon contained inside to escape. There is also a very powerful magic artefact which can stop this demon at the top of the tower.

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