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Weapons of Mythology F2P

DEVELOPED BY: Gamemag Interactive


Step into the shoes of a rising hero that has pledged to put aside the wars of men as two great Sects clash in brutal battle and instead focus on the true threat that stirs from the Underworld seeking to unleash chaos on the realm. Weapons of Mythology: New Age is a journey into a free to play fantasy MMORPG realm where as the hero of the land you are tasked with finding the ancient Relic that will be able to stop the malign forces set to destroy all that you know.


Five available player Clans each representing a different class role
Hundreds of items to find, equip and attain new skills from
Augment and upgrade gear to become more powerful
Quest focused game content
Earn valuable combat pets and mounts
Battle in PVE instanced dungeon areas
100% F2P


Weapons of Mythology: New Age is a classic MMORPG with Asian inspired fantasy themes, in it players create their own character and embark on an epic journey completing quests in their search for the Relics. The core focus of the game is to improve your combat power, earning XP to level up, unlocking new skills, discovering new gear and learning how to upgrade it; in turn players gain access to new features, areas and challenging enemies that offer even greater rewards. With its 3D graphics and myriad of features the game is a well-rounded title that offers a linear progression as players advance through PVE focused content.


There are five Clans that players can choose from when they create a character; Solar, Ascension, Mist, Lotus and Vajra, each represents a classic role in the MMORPG making them valuable members of a group or guild when fighting the more difficult content in the game:

The Solar – These long distance rangers have mastered the bow, with a keen eye and exceptional aim they can take down their opponents without ever getting too close to the danger themselves

The Ascension – Melee assassins they dart in and out of combat, making critical strikes with their dextrous attacks and overpowering their targets

The Mist – Practitioners of the arcane they use their Taichi focus to empower their attacks making them a fierce opponent in combat

The Lotus – Focusing on the healing arts they are ideal supports for their team, with their high resistances they are best suited on the backline but can aid their allies using their Lotus Fan to inflict damage

The Vajra – These frontline warriors have mastered the spear and are able to deflect incoming attacks, with their high levels of endurance and physical defenses they are an ideal front line combatant to defend a group


The primary way to acquire more skills is to earn XP and level up, in doing so players are able to unlock a new Clan skill at specific levels spending gold to train it, as well as upgrade these skills at other set level intervals to make them stronger. Other skills can come from weapons themselves, once equipped players gain new abilities depending on how they have armed themselves, as skills take up a slot on the skill hotbar players have multiple sets that they can cycle through allowing them to switch between weapons and their skills depending on the circumstances.


Gear items can be infused and enhanced through the various features in the game, requiring players to attain specific resources and improve the stats of their gear to give them boosts. Players can also attain a variety of pets that they can equip as companions; these companions can be summoned and will follow the player around, harvesting resources for them and automatically picking up loot drops. In addition Pets also provide players with upgrades and buffs depending on the type of pet; players can also level up their pets to increase the potency of such boosts.


Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.7GHz Intel CoreDuo
Memory: 4GB
Hard Drive Space: 6GB
Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 ti
DirectX: 11

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