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Zula F2P

GAME STYPE: Free to play First Person Shooter MMO


In Zula players get to compete with one another in team oriented PVP matches fighting across multiple real world inspired locations and a handful of game modes that encourage cooperative team play and fast, action packed combat.


- Over 150 Items and Weapons
- Choose from 16 characters
- 16 Player PVP matches
- 5 Battle Modes
- Dozens of maps
- Upgrade items with materials
- 100% F2P


The game is a fast, fun and free to play first person shooter that focuses on coop team play in battles of up to sixteen players divided between two teams. Players create their own rooms and choose the matches, maps and rules they wish to use (such as time limits, score target, available weapons, etc.) and can moderate and even password protect them. With a loose progression system that works on acquiring XP to gain level, which in turn grants access to some higher level pay-to-use items, players simply play for fun and trying to get a higher rank and compete against each other. Clan options are available and a specific Clan server for Clan v Clan matches.


Players will find themselves fighting across numerous maps that are based on real countries and locations, ranging from city streets, warehouses, construction sites, car parks and more, the maps are well designed and offer a range of tactics, hiding places and functionality for short ranged and long ranged combat.


The game offers five core game modes:

Deathmatch – Fight solo against every other player, trying to score kills before the time limit runs out

Team Deathmatch – As Deathmatch, but work cooperatively with other players in a team trying to dominate your opponent

Wanted – Kill the Wanted player and then become them, trying to stay alive and earn points whilst Wanted for as long as possible

Capture the Flag – Capture the enemy flag whilst trying to defend your own, earning points each time it is returned to your base

Sabotage – Plant a bomb at one of two target locations, or try to stop the enemy/defuse the bomb if planted; alternatively kill all of the opposing team to win. Once you are killed in Sabotage you are out of the game until the next round


There are multiple items available in the game to customize each players four loadout options; using a main weapon (Assault Rifle, Shotgun or Sniper Rifle), sidearm, melee weapon and a type of grenade (Frag, Smoke or Flash), as well as variety of miscellaneous items. Items come in all shapes and sizes from standard speed and defense boosts, extra XP gain items, or even unique items that can improve how quickly you defuse the C4 bomb when playing in the Sabotage game mode. Many items purchased with the normal Zula Points in-game currency have a level requirement before they can be accessed, whereas premium items purchased with Zula Gold are high powered and have no requirement.

When an item is purchased from the store it is done so on a limited time basis, one day, seven days or a week; after this time expires the item returns back to the store. Items can be upgraded as players acquire more upgrade/craft materials, to improve the stats and overall performance of different gear items; when an item returns to the store its upgrades do stay with it for if and when the player purchases that item again in the future.


XP and Zula Points can be earned through playing games, but also as an added incentive by completing Missions. Missions are fairly passive tasks that players will typically complete without actively trying to do them, Missions such as play 3 games of Wanted or acquire 3 kills from a headshot. There are daily, weekly and monthly missions available, with multiple missions in each section; if a player completes all the missions for that section/mission card then they gain extra rewards such as items or crafting materials.


Operating System: Windows 7 and above
Processor: Athlon XP 2500+ 2.4GHz
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive Space: 1GB
Graphics: Intel HD
DirectX Ver:9.0c

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