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In ArcheAge players can carve out their own path in an open sandbox world of fantasy, this free to play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game provides a wealth of content and features that will have players exploring the huge danger filled continents where they fight, craft, trade and more.


- Sandbox open world gameplay
- Create 120 classes
- 4 Playable races
- Explore by sea, air or land
- Become a home owner and run your own shop, farm or guild
- Exciting PVP and PVE content
- Free to play game


In this sandbox adventure players are free to pursue a virtual life of their own creation, starting with an open skill based system players can choose what type of adventurer they wish to be, or if they wish to focus on crafting and trade pursuits forgoing dungeon delving completely. With plenty of content to keep solo players, groups or large guilds entertained, players can engage in anything from traveling the world to deliver trade goods, heading into the deepest darkest dungeons, or fighting on the ocean waves repelling pirates… or being pirates themselves!


Spread across the two continents are four playable races with their own history and culture:

Nuian – close to their deity the Nuian are the most dominant race upon the Western continent, they are known as conquerors who have built huge cities across the land, raising enormous statues and buildings to their deity

Elves – sharing the Western continent, the Elves are a more reclusive people preferring to stay to their forest, but as shy as they may appear they are fearsome warriors who dive into danger head on, recklessly in the eyes of other races, but death in battle to them is the most honourable death you can achieve

Firran – wandering nomads that roam the Eastern continent, this feline humanoid folk are one with nature and the land, finding a symbiosis and connection to all things and realising their importance in the world; they make a life goal of their individual pursuits and work towards them tirelessly

Harani – their old kingdom shattered they have their family ties and strong bonds that have kept them together, true survivalist they are a beacon of hope as they stoically look to rebuild all that they lost


There are ten available “Skillsets” in the game, collections of skills combined into a single category that players can choose to explore; periodically players unlock access to a new Skillset allowing them to master three Skillsets in total. With this open skill based levelling there are 120 possible combinations of Skillsets creating essentially 120 different classes. The way these Skillsets are paired up will determine what playstyle the player will have, as well as some Skillsets synergizing well with others and players being able to match up abilities to create specific combos with their attacks.

Skillsets range from Vitality which increases healing and protective abilities along with the ability to resurrect fallen heroes from death, Archery allowing long range deadly physical attacks, damage over time and a number of snare and slow abilities, to Sorcery that lets players harness elemental forces and cast large area attack spells. Creating a healing focused stealthy rogue is as equally viable a concept as an ranged combatant who hurls arrows and spells simultaneously.


There are over twenty Proficiencies in the game allowing for a variation of crafting, trade and resource gathering skills to provide to those players who don't want to focus only combat roles. All proficiencies can be levelled up to a certain point, then players must begin specializing and raising a diminishing handful of skills to certain levels, finishing with only 2 skills that they can max out. Skills cover everything from building weapons and armor, buildings, ships, potions and other gear to unique abilities such as Larceny where players can steal from other players' farms, or Commerce which allows extra bonuses to delivering Trade Packs.

Trade Packs are a unique quest item where players get rewards for carrying a unique quest item from one location to another, the further they travel the more valuable reward, traveling from one continent to the other being the biggest reward of all. When carrying Trade Packs players open themselves up to PVP, having to travel across the land, or by airship or boat across the ocean, there are some players who make it their mission to hunt down traders and steal their valuable packages!

Others may not want to much adventure and instead stay on their own play of land, building up their home and furnishing it with furniture, or tending to their farm to grow crops for use or trade.


Operating System: Windows Vista,

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