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Jade Dynasty F2P

Jade Dynasty is a roleplay fantasy MMO with a martial arts theme. Much of the geography and mythical monsters in Jade Dynasty are based on Chinese legend which gives the game a unique feel. All players start as initiates but must chose between five factions, each with its own fighting style.


New Quest System
Leveling with quests is as entertaining as ever; choose various quest types to level by such as:

Monster Killing Quests
Slay beasts of Chinese Legend and accelerate the adventure

Treasure Hunting Quests
Complete treasure maps with missing fragments to discover treasures untold.

Journey Quests
Seek the farthest regions in Jade Dynasty. Exploring the lives of characters in the original novel, revealing secrets previously unknown.

Story Quests
Experience the events of the original novel.

Clan Chain Quests
Pick a clan and rise within the ranks to become the ultimate warrior.

Legendary Quests
Pay respect to the legends of Jade Dynasty to receive rewards.

Exploration Quests
Explore the numerous dungeons within Jade Dynasty and discover their secrets.

Navigation System
Players will no longer be confused about where to go or what monsters to kill. Quests will have a link which will allow players to click and automatically auto-move them to their quest objectives. In addition, a click anywhere will route a player there automatically.

Alliance System
Create a mighty army and level up, to earn special skills and items. Ally with other Alliances and engage in Fort Battles or Battlegrounds to defeat your foes.

Pets can be found in the wild or purchased to fight beside a character and provide that extra edge in battle. Pets grow, learn new skills and eventually “go to heaven,” leaving an incredible reward.

Gather the right materials and obtain special training to create armor and weapons.

A complete marriage system where a couple can attempt to prove themselves worthy of each other’s love and earn romance skills.

Flying Weapons
In traditional Chinese martial art myths, flying on a sword is the ultimate sign of a powerful warrior. Jade Dynasty brings this fantasy to life.

Weapon and Armor Upgrading
Increase statistics and even modify the look of your gear. This system allows players to fine tune the functionality of their equipment, and at the same time, further customize their character’s look.

Player versus Player Combat
Fight for honor and rewards with intense Worldwide PvP battles.

A huge selection of mounts, including flying ones, which will allow players to soar, and take their friends along for the ride.

Fort Battles
Engage in daily fort battles where Alliances defend or attack. Spawn titans into battle, construct defensive or offensive buildings and complete the objectives to reap the benefits of victory.

Explore numerous dungeons and defeat the foes from within to get high quality items.

Available Classes

The five factions (+2 with vengeance expansion), or classes, in Jade Dynasty are:

The only class that is capable of healing and buff other players. Skysongs have low defense and limited offensive capabilities early on but make powerful allies in late game PvE and PvP.

The premier ranged damage dealer in Jade Dynasty. Jadeons have powerful AoE (area of effect) spells that make them effective levelers. High cast times and low defense make them vulerable at close range.

The rogue faction of Jade Dynasty. Lupins deal heavy melee damage but suffer from low defense. Their high critical rate makes them dangerous assassins but they are less useful in group fights. Ideal class for beginners.

The primary tank class. Vims have high defense and deal powerful blows to single targets. They lack ranged attacks and become less effective during the later levels.

Modos are the main offensive spell casters. Their phsyical appearance and spell arsenal which includes curses, DoTs, and nukes mark them as formitable Warlocks. The Modo faction is the most difficult to play, especially since they are rather weak during the early levels.

Two new Athan factions
Including the Celan, known for their ability to manipulate foes and support allies using their music notes of the Immortals, or the Rayan, feared as deadly assassins, even among their own allies.

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