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Archlord 2 takes place in another world which exists in parallel and chronicles the fall of the first world of Archlod. This time around two factions are in all-out war to claim the world for themselves enabling a big pvp scheme where players fight for their realm.

- The sequel to Archlord
- Action combat
- 40+ massive PVP scenarios
- Immersive graphics and music by Cris Velasco
- Play for free

The combat is very cinematic and fast-paced making it a fun experience to play and when it comes to epic scale battles it really stands out with players from both realms clashing into each other.

The game's core is built around factional PvP, where two realms face each other on brutal and fast-paced combat for territory control, each faction has one race so they can identify their foes easily, each race has its own abilities and features.

You can play the game for free, all players will have full access to the the game without paying. Enhancements and gear are available on the store for players to buy with real money. There are some balancing mechanics put in place to avoid people matching up with others with more or less store gear, which is pretty cool.

The soundtrack of the game is composed by the award-winning Cris Velasco (Borderlands, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, God of War), when combined with the high quality graphics make the game really immersive.

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