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Felspire is a browser based adventure where players take charge of one of three different heroes in a fantasy realm where a dark malevolent being has returned and seeks to control the powerful Felspire believed to power the world and link to the underworld itself. In this feature heavy quest focused title players will adventure across the lands of Eremos seeking out evil and riches as they battle some of the greatest threats the world has ever known.


Three different classes

Acquire and improve your gear

Collect Pets and mounts and train them

Fight against other player in PVP and Guild vs Guild battles

Complete Solo and Party Dungeons

Browser game



In the game players will be able to take on quests for various NPCs to progress through the main story-arc, explore new regions and fight against new enemies, which will reward them with XP, gold and items. XP and gold are both used to contribute to making a character stronger by a variety of means; XP will level the character up directly which automatically increases stats and their Combat Power (the overall value based on their stats, abilities, gear and more to show how strong they are). Gold can be used in a variety of ways to buy new items, upgrade gear, and enhance talents to further improve a character.


The Felspire has existed as long as anyone can remember, there are rumours that it holds enough power to power the world itself, whereas other claim it is a link and portal directly to the underworld; either way it is of great importance and there are as many that will die trying to control it as there are those who wish to protect it.


There are three playable characters in the game: Warrior, Mage and Archer.

The Warrior is a melee focused combatant, brave and fearsome and makes an ideal frontline fighter to protect their teammates and companions with their high defense, hitpoints and dodge abilities.

The Mage is able to control the natural forces of the world, summoning the elements they can call down lightning, freeze their enemies with ice or burn them with fire in man AOE damage dealing attacks.

The Archer is an accurate ranged fighter able to deal out swift and deadly critical strikes whilst keeping themselves at a safe distance and their enemies at bay.


There are all kinds of activities and events available in the game, from PVE dungeons where players can solo powerful creatures and bosses to acquire great loot items and gear, or take on even greater challenges with the team dungeons and world bosses. Players in Guilds can work together to try and participate in the Guild v Guild siege battles, reserved for the best three guilds on each server determined by the combine Combat Power of each guilds members.


The game has a number of automated and semi-automated systems including the game taking full control of your character, having them run from place to place to pick up and complete quests, fight battles and even sell loot if your pack becomes too overcrowded. Players can level their character with relative ease without even needing to play the game.


Internet Browser

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