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Arctic Combat is a MMOFPS with realistic warzone effects and battles based on team/clan strategic gameplay. Involving tactical perks, weapons, and equipment, the title offers a realistic gameplay experience and a tactical skill development system.


Unreal Performance preserves gameplay integrity without lowering graphic quality.

Support pack system
During fierce PvP combat, fallen friends will receive helpful packages that contain health packs, helicopter support and bombardment.

Trophy Loot system

Mission system
Players also can undertake missions to earn additional points and acquire useful items by successfully achieving the goal.

Skill system
Strategically planning their attacks, layers can take down opponents and empower their allies via active skills prompted by the player, or passive skills that naturally take effect under specific circumstances.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) system
Adding a PvE element to Arctic Combat, the AI system offers players a forum in which to sharpen combat skills through tough battles with varying degrees of difficulty.


The huge amount of available arms in Arctic Combat can be categorized as assault rifles (AR), submachine guns (SMG), sniper rifles (SR), secondary and thrown weapons. All are characterized by the following attributes: damage, spread, view kick, rate of fire, move, and range.


Apart from choosing their faction, players can also choose to play a recon or ranger character but otherwise, there are no character classes. Placing various types such as sniper or assault rifles in different slots, you'll always have the appropriate arm for changing situations. Currently, there are no female characters available.


The game features a Bot system allowing players to battle with and/ or against AI Bots. In addition, there are 10 different game modes:

Team Deathmatch
The 2 opposing factions compete against each other; the one killing more opponents wins the match.

The AF and RSA fight to dominate key points on each location.

Search & Destroy
The AF and RSA fight against each other to attack and defend the bomb site.

Free for all
Every player is for himself and must defeat all the others.

The 2 factions battle each other to obtain the bomb first and attack the bomb site while the opposing team defends it.

Each team must annihilate the opponent during each round to win the match by reaching the target score.

Sniper Match
Only sniper rifles are allowed in this sub mode.

Each team has to use offensive and defensive gameplay to place the single bomb of the match at the opponent's side.

Knife Match
Knives are the only weapon allowed in this sub mode.

Rocket Match
In this sub mode, players are only allowed to use rocket launchers.


Arctic Combat already features a great variety of playable maps with new ones added on a regular basis. Each map has a different theme and story. So far, there are maps like Miragge, Boot Camp, CQB House, Arctic Wind, New York, Mist, Downtown, China Market, Watch Tower, Vintage, Silo, Quarter Blow, Moscow, Sand Storm, Syria, Big Bang, and Repair Yard.


Renouncing classes and a traditional levelling, the game includes an innovative skill development focusing on the player's skills and capabilities.

There are passive and active skills a character can achieve: Passive skills are automatically used when they meet the conditions and active skills are earned from kill streaks and can be used when needed.

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