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Free-to-play ARPG


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The game is a free-to-play ARPG that takes place in a fantasy realm where the forces of evil have risen, responding to the call of a terrible dragon that was imprisoned in the abyss after trying to destroy the world. The dragon was defeated by a goddess who sacrificed herself to trap the dragon, blewing his essence into crystals that were scattered around the world. Now the dragon has discovered that the key to escape from the abyss lies in sending his armies to find those fragments. Abyss: Dark Arisen is an browser ARPG where you can complete hundreds of quests and enjoy epic adventures.


- Three different classes
- Improve the attributes of your character getting and improving his gear
- Progress through the story completing solo dungeons
- Join other players to complete multiplayer dungeons
- Wide range of PvP and PvE features
- Action based combat
- Browser game
- Completely free-to-play


Players can choose from three different classes, each of which has a male and female option, including the Mage, Warrior and Priest.

- The Mage is a classic long ranged caster able to harness the magical ability to control the elements and deal extensive damage to their opponents.

- The Warrior focuses on honing their strength and uses their physicality to overpower enemies and unleash explosive burst damage

- The Priest is the only healing class and is a selfless support able to heal, buff and revive fallen allies whilst still being able to handle themselves offensively in combat.

New abilities become unlocked when the player levels up and can be added to the player's hotbar, with 4 skills useable at any time players can customize their playstyle.


Quests in the game will take players through a series of Solo Dungeons, instanced based locations that must be completed in order to progress, when all the stages of a particular area are complete the player faces a powerful Boss and then advances to a new zone. Sometimes a particular stage needs to be completed more than once, here players can use the Blitz function that uses stamina in order to instantly complete it. Other features such as Multiplayer Dungeons can be explored, or the Abyss where players must advance through multiple layers to face more challenging opponents but for greater rewards. Quests and dungeons are the primary source for gold and player XP, XP will be used to automatically level a player up and increase their base stats to make them stronger fighters and increase their Combat Power rating.


By acquiring gear players can increase their character's stats, and players can also enhance their equipped items. Gear Enhancements can be done through the Smithy feature, each item can be enhanced a specific number of times to increase a particular stat such as Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Crit. Chance or Health; the rarer the item (from Poor quality to Epic) the more expensive these enhancements cost. Once players reach around level 22 they will also get access to their first Mount, which can also be upgraded to add to the players stats and they can unlock a variety of different creatures to ride.


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