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ARGO Online is a sci-fi MMORPG which is set in a futuristic world where two factions – Noblians and Floresslah - fight eachother to take over control of the mysterious and powerful resource known as Earthdium.


Within each faction lie 8 different classes that players can choose from to better help their side, including tank and healer-type classes, as well as classes that are exclusive to one particular faction.

Factions system
ARGO Online is a world where two very different philosophies prevail: for one side, technology and progress are top priorities, while the opposing thinkers believe in a life in symbiosis with nature. Players will choose a faction that correlates with one of these ideals, either the tech-savvy Noblians (Steampunk) or the nature-connected Floresslah.

Action PvP
Players can team up with other faction members from around the world or go solo in skirmishes that span both battlefields and dungeons. PVP options aslo come in a variety of modes.

20 huge dungeons to delve into. 80 different territories to explore. 3600 quests to be undertaken, 10.000 non-player characters (NPCs) for players to speak with on their travels.

Getting around the world of ARGO Online is a cinch, especially with friends, by utilizing transportation modes that fit from three to ten players at once, including flying transport (Floresslah: animal mounts / Noblian: vehicles)


There are eight different classes per faction.

The floresslah
Taurus, Defender, Elementalist, Warlock, Sagittarius, Rogue, Shaman and Druid.

The Noblian
Warrior, Protector, Scholar, Bombers, Explorer, Chaser, Paladin and Priest.

Taurus and Warrior are equipped with a long spear as primary weapon to quickly defeat enemies.
Defender and Protector have the ability to protect their party when under attack.
Elementalist and Scholar uses a pistol to deal high levels of damage despite its below average defense attributes.
Warlock and Bombers use heavy artillery to take out multiple opponents.
Sagittarius and Explorer are armed with a rifle.
Rogue and Chaser execute swift blows using a Double Sword.
Shaman and Paladin can summon monsters for assistance, as well as Druid and Priest.


Earthdium is the main resource in ARGO Online, and it is crucial to building a character with strong offensive and defensive abilities. Earthdium is also used as a source of fuel for powering mechanisms, and utilized in variety of other ways throughout the game. Players have many ways to earn Earthdium, but the most lucrative path is most certainly defeating opponents and completing quests.


A world shattered by Seperstis, the World War 4 in the 23rd century. Not only complete cities and landscapes have been destroyed, even whole continents have been reformed. But two races rise in these ashes and rebuild their civilization in this post-apocalyptical world according to their different philosophies of life, the steampunk Noblian or the mystical tribe Floresslah. Which one would you chose?

Do you see the future of mankind in the evolution of technologies or in the symbiosis with nature? It is one of the most important decisions a human has to make. In what do you believe? Enter the next generation online RPG ARGO Online and fight for your belief.

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