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Sword Saga is a classic fantasy themed MMORPG that is completely free to play where players will experience an epic saga in the battle of good versus evil as they take on the role of a rising new hero who has fallen into an unexpected plot that they will play a key part in. Sword Saga allows players to enjoy a vast amount of free to play content on their own or grouping up with other players. The game offers a micro-transaction system to purchase in game currency that can be used to buy upgrades to help a player on their journey and speed up gameplay.


- Three different classes
- Solo or Multiplayer Dungeons
- Solo or Multiplayer PVP Arena
- Recruit numerous Mercenaries to complement your regiment outfit
- Improve your character through different systems to improve your Battle Rating
- Forge powerful items and gear using the Blacksmith system
- Completely free to play
- Browser-based gameplay


As the leader of your own Mercenary Regiment you have been tasked with recovering and rescuing a Priestess of Isil, but in doing so you are drawn the attention of powerful organisations and evil forces that seek to see the return of the Demon King and his daemonic armies.


The core of the game revolves around improving your Battle Rating, the publicly visible value that shows how powerful your regiment/group is that is improved as both your character and equips Mercenaries are levelled up, equipped with new gear and upgraded through various in game features. The game focuses mostly on PVE quest content taking players into dangerous locations and dungeons and has elements of PVP content available with both a solo and multiplayer option.


The game allows players to pick one of three different classes that will offer up a variety of unique skills as well as requiring different tactics and strategy when in combat:

Warrior - physically and defensively strong this two-handed sword wielding combatant makes an exceptional frontline tank to guard more vulnerable characters

Shooter - capable of being a frontline fighter the Shooter excels at long range attacks and taking down enemies from a distance and performing high crit attacks

Magician - a powerful spellcaster that is a mix of support role using heals to aid companions as well as performing devastating the powerful spells against their opponents

Each class has a number of skills that they can unlock as they level up, gaining Skill Points that they can use on the Skill tree they are able to unlock new skills or put points into previously learned skills to upgrade them and make them even more powerful slash useful in battle.


For those players that like to try their strategy against other members of the community the Solo and Multiplayer Arena is available where players can try out their various formations, skills and tactics against players from across the world. Players will compete for rewards including items from the prestigious Gladiator's Rewards as well as fighting for ranked position against the rest of the community.


There are a variety of features focused on fighting against the challenging AI, typically in the form of story driven quests gained by the various NPC's across the world players will be sent in to solo dungeons/areas to complete a task and destroy the enemies within. Each Solo Dungeon can be tackled on various difficulty settings, with more improved rewards earned the more difficult the challenge, players are also able to fight in Multiplayer Dungeons with other players.

Other unique PVE content include the Crypt which is a dangerous area for players to adventure but offers some of the greatest rewards, and the World Bosses, a single opponents with a vast amount of hit points and damage capability.

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