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ASDA 2 is a massive roleplaying game featuring 3d graphics in which players get immersed in a colourful world as they adventure in dangerous lands and save the day, there are eight different classes to pick from and tons of monsters to hunt down.

- Eight classes
- Deep customization mechanics
- Hardcore PvP
- Soul mate system
- Join a guild or create your own
- Achievements and titles
- Rich storyline
- Pets system
- Completely free

Attack Mage – They deal damage in the shape of Damage over time and debuffs.

One Handed Sword Warrior – They are able to stand a huge amount of damage which makes them perfect to go to the frontline and hold the enemy back.

Spear Warrior – They focus on hit-and-run tactics with a devastating damage output.

Two-Handed Sword Warrior – This damage dealer is specialized in AoE and multitarget attacks.

Support Mage – They buff and protect their allies while hindering their foes.

Healing Mage – This is the most supportive class where you can heal your allies.

Bow Archer – This class focuses on dealing damage bypassing armor and attack more than one target at a given time.

Crossbow Archer – It's a very unique class, focused on burst damage only.

Players will get new gear and items as they complete quests, progress within the game and they can even buy it from the shops, this serve to upgrade and improve their characters, there are sets of armor which grant extra bonuses when equipped and items have sockets to improve them by putting runes in them.

There is a unique feature this game has where players can customize their character up to an interesting degree, they get to pick, name, gender, look and even their birth constellation, this last one is bound to the soul mate system where you can find a soul mate and get bonuses when playing with him such as special skills, teleporting and more.

On the PvP side, there are two different factions, dark and light, which fight for supremacy against each other. There is a map with bases located at strategic points and players can fight to control those spots in the occupational war or just go brawling on deathmatches.

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