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Designed to re-imagine the “massively” in MMORPG, Aika presents three major PvP modes which run the gamut from small skirmishes to 1000 vs 1000 warfare. This comprehensive PvP system is unique among current MMORPGs, along with a fantastically detailed world and sweeping storyline, which has earned the game many enthusiastic reviews for its quality of play.


With over 1,000 quests, hundreds of monsters, and 15 gorgeously rendered areas, Aika holds its own as a thrilling single-player experience. It is the depth of the PvP system that sets this game apart. The world of Aika features five nations, each possessing its own distinct personality and populated by thousands, which, along with a comprehensive guild system, lays the groundwork for truly epic military clashes. Guilds and nations can ally with each others in exciting Castle Sieges to gain control of a nation and lord over its subjects, while entire nations may scheme with and against each other to win wars with glory, treasure, and powerful ability enhancements at stake.


The Paladin is a pillar of support and a very well-rounded class, particularly with regards to defensive might. The Paladin’s primary attributes are Strength and Physical Defense, with it’s secondary attribute being Constitution.

Towering, brutal, and relentless, the Warrior wields two-handed swords with unsurpassed strength. The Warrior’s primary attributes are Strength and Constitution, with it’s secondary attribute being Physical Attack.

Precise. Stealthy. Fatal. The Rifleman’s well-aimed bullets barrel out of the shadows, piercing armor and dealing massive critical damage. The Rifleman’s primary attributes are Agility, with it’s secondary attributes being Physical Attack.

Those who overlook the Cleric due to her small stature and cheeky charm do so at their own peril. The Priest’s primary attributes are Magic Attack and Intelligence, with it’s secondary attributes being Magic Defense and Luck.

The brilliant, powerful Warlock is a master of offensive magic, especially of the dark variety. The Warlock’s primary attributes are Magic Attack, Magic Defense and Intelligence, with it’s secondary attributes being Luck.

Dual Gunner
Need more firepower? The Dual Gunner is your class. Bold, agile, and elegant, she cleans up any and all comers with a hail of deadly bullets from the two pistols she draws faster than a blink. The Dual Gunner’s primary attributes are Physical Attack, with it’s secondary attributes being Agility.


Battlegrounds is one of the three major PvP modes in Aika. Using the Lobby window, you can enter an existing “room” or create one of your own.

The creator of a Battlefield instance caters the upcoming conflict to his liking, choosing the size of teams as well as the game mode. The scope of these battles ranges from 6 vs. 6 to 24 vs. 24, making Battlegrounds the smallest-scale PvP mode in Aika. Battlegrounds is an interesting and unique part of Aika because it doesn’t involve your Nation. The incentives are personal: your kills grant you honor points which you can redeem for high level weapons and armor, and if you lead your team to victory you gain more experience and gold. Together with Aika’s larger-scale types of warfare, Battlegrounds extends the spectrum of Lakian PvP capabilities to offer fun experiences to all kinds of players, no matter what their PvP preferences.


The perils of your long journey require the assistance of a devoted partner. This companion should act not only as a reliable sidekick in battle, but also as a close friend.
The Pran fits both descriptions with ease as she casts helpful spells on you and grows to trust you over many interactions. She is your fairy familiar! When your character reaches level 7 a quest becomes available to you at the Flour Mill to get your pran.

Your Pran comes to you as a new fairy and grows along with you. Killing monsters and completing quests – as long as your Pran is out cheering you on – will provide your Pran with experience of its own and allow her to level up alongside you. Prans don’t stay in their infant fairy forms forever though: when your Pran hits certain level benchmarks, it evolve into a curious child, a maturing teenager and finally an adult companion fit to travel with in your adventures in the world of Laika.

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