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Polygon Games


ASTA is a traditional themepark fantasy MMORPG with multiple classes, dungeons, Raids, PvP and crafting. The game is completely free-to-play, so you can enjoy for free this huge world full of contents and missions created using CryEngine 3.


- 5 distinct classes with their own talent trees
- 5 different races divided into two rival factions
- Get equipment and improve it
- Lots of content for groups and solo
- Full of challenging Raids and dungeons
- PvP battlegrounds, Arenas and Guild Wars
- Free-to-Play


The world of Samsura was under threat as a fallen goddess sought to return to the Nirvana that she was banished from, if her task was accomplished it would be the destruction of Samsura, and so the Eight Tigrams united to fight back her and her army. Defeated the goddess was divided into two parts, separated so that they could not come together and threaten the world once more, and in that separating was formed the realms of Ora and Asu. Now the world and its realms are threatened once more.


Asta is a classic free to play themepark style MMORPG focusing on quest based story progression, PVE content and optional PVP through various arenas and battlefields. Players can play with a group in PVE Dungeons and Raids, grouping together or as a single player, they will be randomly added to a group and transported to a dungeon to fight against some of the more challenging encounters in the game. Likewise players can group for PVP with a variety of PVP battlegrounds, Class battles and Team Arenas, as well as Guild War tournaments for those players who have made or joined a guild.


The game has two main factions, each of which has three main races; for Asu, the realm where the Wheel of Life is prominent it is the Humans, Draconians and Tigerians that are the dominant force, but in Ora, the world of the dead, the Humans, Yayo and Ogres rule all, and 5 playable classes including the Warrior, Healer, Archer, Mage and Rogue. Each class has an unique playstyle which define the role they will predominantly fill in a group, and the skills that are available to them in combat with each class having unique abilities and gear.


The majority of the game focuses around questing, typically in the form of a long story arc that takes players into new regions to fight against new enemies; these quests and the kills from them give loot, XP and currency, and also unlock the next quests in the series. Different regions have multiple area Events where players in the area can all fight towards a specific event goal, generally revolving around fighting and killing different waves/stages of enemies to summon a huge boss monster; anyone in the area at the time participating can gain rewards when the boss is killed, but the player dealing the most damage to all the event monsters will gain the best rewards.


There are numerous PVP options in the game for those players that like to test their mettle against other real world opponents. Unlocked at level 10 players can queue up to join two Battlegrounds; an open map with a team based point capture objective where the teams must earn 8000 points to win the game, and an Ogre Playground which acts like a death football match with two teams trying to control a ball and score against the opposition. Players can also fight in the Class Arena in 1 v 1 battles and Team Arena in a team deathmatch with no respawns.


OS: Windows XP (SP3), 7, 8 and 10
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.2G (minimum)
RAM: 2GB (minimum)
HD Space: 14GB
Graphics Card: GeForce 9600 GT (minimum)

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